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Rachelle J.


1 week, 1 day ago

(-1)(x – 4) + 3(x + 2)

Syracuse University


$$ (x-3)(2 x+4) $$


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Video Transcript

we're being asked to multiply 22 given by no meals. To do this, we're going to use the foil method. Remember each letter In the word Foyle tells us which terms to multiply, so F stands for the first terms. So we multiply x by two x, which is two X squared. The O stands for the outside terms, so we'll multiply X times for which is positive for X. I stands for the inside terms and negative three times two X is negative. Six x and L stands for the last terms and negative. Three times four is negative. 12. Well, I see we have, like, terms here in the middle. We have four x minus six x, which is negative two x so our final answer will be two x squared minus two x minus 12.

Syracuse University
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