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Patrick F.

Physics 101 Mechanics

3 days, 1 hour ago

A sinusoidal transverse wave has a wavelength of 2.80 m. It takes 0.10 s for a portion of the string at a position $x$ to move from a maximum position of $y=0.03 \mathrm{m}$ to the equilibrium position $y=0 .$ What are the period, frequency, and wave speed of the wave?


A sinusoidal transverse wave has a wavelength of 2.80 m. It takes 0.10 s for a portion of the string at a position $x$ to move from a maximum position of $y=0.03 \mathrm{m}$ to the equilibrium position $y=0 .$ What are the period, frequency, and wave speed of the wave?


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Video Transcript

so arms his custody a little bit complicated. Question number seven Um, it's it's the transporters. Wave is moving, you know, Stream is in. It has a speed of 80 meters per second. So that is fi ism with things that at first Atiq was there. Oh, um, string that Here it's zero x equals zero. It has a displacement off four centimeter. And Jen, it's not moving. And afterwards, a maximum transfer speed off the stream is 16 meters per second. So when you should figure out what is the frequency of a wave? Okay, um, so the first thing we need to know is that if it t zero's a particular point, has displacement or four centimeter and it's not a movie, but that means is that it's already at its maximum. Because if you'll learn simple harmonic motion, maximum is when the instantaneous speed off moving is zero. So we know the amplitude is 0.4 meter or like four centimeter, um is in another thing. We're learning, and we're simple. Harmonic motion is that we have. This is from chapter 15 years that we have this relationship. You close. Why times we'll make up So what this is saying is just that, um was a maximum speed is proportional to Z aptitude. So is the maximum speed you is 16 meters per second and why is the template so the maximum speed equals M platitudes times angular frequency. So again, if you're not for a minute, was this formula. You might need to go back to Tractor 15 and review. But what's this formula tells us is because we know the maximum displacement is four centimeter and maximum velocity obtain for this point on, these assumption was traveling on course. Equilibrium is once it fosters the 16 meters per seconds and we can find the angular frequency it's you over. Why? Which is 16 meters per second off zero point. So was meter, and that gives us 400 radius per second. So from that we can find out the frequency because frequency equals omega equals two over Trippi. So for 100 years per second over to pipe, so it's roughly 64 hurts. Okay, um, Sanders took a car. Can be What does part B ask us to do Part B. Puskas to figure out what is a wave dance off the way it is that. Okay, So to find the weakness, we already know the frequency and that only that I think we also know the speed of travel, which is 80 meters per second. So we said we can find we're friends because wavers a speed times time. In other words, speed over frequency. So here is the speediest 80 meters per second frequency of 64 hunts. So that is 1.26 meter is away fest. Okay, not it's your kid part. See, So city e f g. We are given this full Mueller of, uh, trance first week. And we're saying this is going to model owns this traveling with. So we need to figure out what part. See, what is some maximum empty too. Well, we already know that. It's well 0.0 centimeter. Um party. What is Cape part? What is the Omega but that we also know. I think you know me, guys. 400. He has been sickened. Um, parte es hi and cargie. What is, um za correct choice of sign in front of omega. Okay, so, uh, it's restricted. Okay, OK. Is two pi over Lambda And because we know what? Them dies. You can't calculate this. Art and sisters equal to um look, 51 several Regis premiere. Okay? And then Part E um, he did it part F. We want to figure out what fires. In order to do that, it's just pluck in some numbers. For example, um, at X equals, um, it Why at X equals teak was their meaning, like its initial point. So we are looking at so like it at this point when t equals Cyril and X equals sterile says equation we have. Why equals there went to their absence is back while because several point so four sign of K equals five So five x um hustle miners 400 t class five. But then where ex ante up zero Why equals and zero point 04 signed. Five If X equals zero. But then, if we're located, we see that that point when Tex and T is zero, it's at 0.4 Said means sci fi you close link. So there are a lot of choices, but we can't wear simple choice as horse won, huh? Because when sign off, 90 degree equals one, as in Let's look it Margie, part Jesus. Let's figure out what is a speed. What is like the signing found of Omega. So this wave, it's traveling too, right because it's traveled into the right. It's a sign has to be negative.