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Tshilidzi M.

Organic Chemistry

1 week ago

An experimenter places a piece of a solid metal weighing 255 g into a graduated cylinder, which she then fills with liquid mercury. After weighing the cylinder and its contents, she removes the solid metal and fills the cylinder with mercury. She now finds that the cylinder and its contents weigh 1.01 g less than before. The density of mercury is 13.6 g/cm3. What is the density of the solid metal?

Waghire College, Saswad


Mercury, the liquid metal used in thermometers, is very dense at $13.6 \mathrm{g} / \mathrm{cm}^{3}$. What would be the mass of $125 \mathrm{mL}$ of mercury?


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Video Transcript

Hi. So, uh, in this question, they asked. Mercury has a density of 13 point since Grandpa yank you. What would be the mass of 1 20 for you, Grandma. So rain first given Baker given density is equality. Okay. 13.6 Grand Percy and killed the next mask. Yes, than one new want to do for you and Medal of Marie Curie. So we know the relation that is then cities He called you marzipan value. Mhm true volume and therefore massive disciple then city into one. So the in cities 13.6 to 1 limits 1 25. And therefore I'm easy equal to 1700. Grab Mhm. Yeah, Citizens, thanks a lot.

Waghire College, Saswad
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