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Chemistry 101

1 week ago

An ideal gas in a cylinder is enclosed by a piston of cross-section ?. The atmospheric pressure is constant and is p0. An external force lifts the piston from a height h1 to h2, (i) isothermally. (ii)adiabatically. Find the work done by the applied force on the gas in each case. System piston is friction less and the process is reversible

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A vertical 12 -cm diameter piston-cylinder device contains an ideal gas at the ambient conditons of 1 bar and $24^{\circ} \mathrm{C} .$ Initially, the inner face of the piston is $20 \mathrm{cm}$ from the base of the cylinder. Now an external shaft connected to the piston exerts a force corresponding to a boundary work input of $0.1 \mathrm{kJ} .$ The temperature of the gas remains constant during the process. Determine ( $a$ ) the amount of heat transfer, (b) the final pressure in the cylinder, and ( $c$ ) the distance that the piston is displaced.


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Video Transcript

I am proven here. Is giving are Christian. Yeah. Surrender. Okay. Contain cool. Ideal gets Yeah, is still connected with to the ideal sorry with soft to exert the force and Oh, yeah Mhm. Mhm. Uh huh. Yeah, If I will get it's under way. Yeah, Yeah. Okay. I saw terrible process find final pressure he to transport Oh, mhm displacement off the question. A play. Conservation of energy Heat transfer. It's called changing internal logic. Yeah, yeah! Off the system. Bogden Bay boundary in minus you out. It's called changing internal Energy. And that will be half. Sorry. Am CB final temperature minus initial. It is zero because and I certainly process temperature is constant. So we can say work done by boundary and fiscal took you out. Mhm. Yeah, to out is going toe work done by bonding. Put it quite well. Closure Initial volume off the surrender is why do you square by full in tow, Elven? Yeah, Yeah, I mean oh, I You see meter Que Yeah, Work early Boundary In Espirito people, people learn off B two upon people 0.1 closer is goingto minus 100 Clo paschal Initial volume we have measured while 002262 No, no! The two upon 20.2262 So what do you mean you will get quite Jiro Jiro. 1454 m cubed a plane. I so terminal Gasset. Sorry. Applying Ideal gets a question. Fuck, yeah, I saw terrible process. So even even is got to be to be too So we two is called toe even even upon Yeah, yeah, Let me correct. This is just a moment. Oh, so Pete whiskered off even even upon people even is 100 grow Paschal in the volume 0.262 upon we to that is what do you know? 0145 for it is to me 1 55 point six glow possible Yeah, and C Final volume will be piety square by for upon l do so I'll to you will fetch the two into four upon by the script B two is 0.1454 and tow four upon pie in tow, 0.12 square. So do you will get 0.1285 m. So displacement The piston is Elvin minus two. That is 20.2 minus, while 1285 it is head on 0.7146 m, that's all. Thanks for watching it.

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