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Mele T.

Chemistry 101

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draw a diagram that shows the intermolecular forces that would exist between benzoic acid and hippuric acid as solutes in ethyl acetate and water as solvents

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Pick an appropriate solvent from Table 13.3 to dissolve each substance. State the kind of intermolecular forces that would occur between the solute and solvent in each case. $$\begin{array}{l}{\text { a. isopropyl alcohol (polar, contains an OH group) }} \\ {\text { b. sodium chloride (ionic) }} \\ {\text { c. vegetable oil (nonpolar) }} \\ {\text { d. sodium nitrate (ionic) }}\end{array}$$


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Video Transcript

question 30. Pick an appropriate solvent from the table that to dissolve each of the substance and stay the kind of inter molecular forces that would occur from the solid and the solvent. Trick question A. We have isil properly alcohol. And this is a polar and containing O H group. All right, so for this one ice a proper alcohol is polar in nature. So it is soluble in solvents such as water, acid, tongue, Okay, methanol and ethanol. And in this case, is that inter molecular forces are that whole time poll this Persian in 100 bond, Part B. We have sodium chloride. Ionic to sodium chloride is ionic in nature. So it is soluble in polar solvent such as water as a tone methanol and ethanol and then to molecular forces could be this Persian I own disciple Next one part see isthe vegetable oil. This is non polar. So since vegetable lawyer is a non polar molecule, so this will be still boy non polar solar such as hack saying Tolan and car bowl Tetra chloride action and the forces then the inter molecular forces can be observed is the dispersion party sodium nitrate HQ and This is Ionic. His sodium natural is ionic on it. Compounds are soluble in polar solvent such as water, acid tone, methanol and ethanol. It's and dispersion forces Ayan, dimple and also hydrogen bonding HQ Embassy in this type.

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