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Jrz J.

Intro Stats / AP Statistics

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In Exercises 9–12, use the range rule of thumb to identify (a) the values that are significantly low, (b) the values that are significantly high, and (c) the values that are neither significantly low nor significantly high

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Quiz grades Refer to Exercise 79. (a) Find and interpret the interquartile range ()12). (b) Determine whether there are any outliers. Show your work.


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Video Transcript

to find the intercourse tired range. We have to put our better in an ascending order. The minimum value is 74. Then we have 75. Then 17 6 then 70. It's Ah, let's go to the eighties. You start by 82. No, we start by E. T. Then 80. Cool. Then 84. Then 86. Then 87. And we re finished by in the 19th. We start with 90 then my 91 They 93 Then mind six on finally 90 to get the intercourse arrange who has played the data into two identical house like this. Then the first quarter will be the made A number off the first half, which is 78 So that you won equals 78. And the third quarter tied will be the middle number off the second up, which is 91 then Q three equals buying a home. Then we can can kill it like you are equals que city minus Q one equals 91 minus 70. It equals 13 NZ's full board e report me to predict any our lawyer. We can create the minimum and the maximum value of our values. Name um equals Q one minus 1.5. My deployed boy enter quartile. Range equals 70 by nothing. Well, im boy in five are deployed. Boy 13 equals 50th going fight. This indicated that there is no our lawyers for the first half off our values maximum equals Used to be plus well, im going five. Well, tabloid boy like you are 91 plus Well, I'm buying slave on deployed boy 13 equals 100 thing Brian Clave And we have no values which all greater than 110.5.

Cairo University
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