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Spartha B.

Chemistry 101

5 days, 11 hours ago

Please explain properties of ionic compound in detail

River Bluff High School


Please explain properties of ionic compound in detail


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Video Transcript

So what we know about Ionic Bonds is that it's a bond between a cat eye on and and and I own. How exactly is this pond formed? It's looking an example. So Corinne is a noble gas, and it has seven valence electrons. We also know that Adams want Teoh have a full octet to be single. If we add the's seven work tones around, we can see that chlorine needs one more in order to complete its octet. On the other hand, we have sodium, which has been there was electron, so it just has this one out here showing on it, and if it were to lose that electron, it would become more stable. So it's gonna happen. It's Cory. It's gonna except this electron from the sodium that's gonna give it to the chlorine When, um, an element gains an electron, it gains a negative charge. And when it loses an electron and will have a positive charge, So here we have our and I on and our cat ion. Next, we know that positive and negative charges we're gonna attract each other so that in A and CEO are going to form a structure that will be held together. Brian, I only bond

River Bluff High School
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