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Yaboiimarco Y.

Calculus 2 / BC

5 days, 7 hours ago

Question 4 part A, B step by step

Shri mata vaishno devi university


Question 4 part A, B step by step


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Video Transcript

in this question will give him the question. Uh, it go too far. So it would try to talk this out. We will have the circle center and the origin and right. I think that you fall So in the fall here, fall on this false. This will be my last fall. So we have the full circle now. Sorry for the bathroom here. Now in the part, we're going to restrict the data between zero to the two pi only to the point of to so it it really It was from the up to the point of to So only the quarter on the circle here in the quadrant one now in the back pay were given the teeter between the pie out of two up to the pie. So it will be this in the product off the circle, in the garden to you here. I know in the past, See, we're given the data between the interval from minus I added to to the product to so it will be really means it goes from managed right up to here, all the way up to the path to sort of be the right half of the circle

Shri mata vaishno devi university
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