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Jyotsna K.

Calculus 3

1 week, 1 day ago

Verify that the function 1/2*[sin(x ? ct) + sin(x + ct)] solves the IBVP

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Verify the identity. $(\sin t+\cos t)^{2}=1+\sin 2 t$


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Video Transcript

here in this problem we have given Science people society whole square is equal to one place I. In two G. And the objective is to verify the given Technimetrics identity. So first of all let's take the left hand side. We have sign papers. Go sci fi. Who is square? It would be equals. Do sign square Deep Bliss. No sign square T. Plus two went to 70 into society. Since we know that A plus B whose square is equals true A. Squared plus B. Square plus the webby. Now we know that science square feet. Topless. Go. Science squared theta. This equals to one. So we get Science square deep Political Science square T. Is equal to one plus doing to scientists in Tokyo scientist. And we know that to into society into a society. He goes to scientific. So we get one plus sign to T. Which is equals two. Right inside. Does we get Scientific? Lasko Scientific Who's where is equal to one plus sign to T. Hand screwed.