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Mikayla M.

Chemistry 101

1 week, 1 day ago

what isotope is the most abundant

Fordham University


Consider the three stable isotopes of oxygen with their $\begin{array}{llll}\text { respective atomic masses: } & \mathrm{O}-16 & (15.9949 \mathrm{amu}), & \mathrm{O}-17\end{array}$ $(16.9993 \mathrm{amu}), \mathrm{O}-18(17.9992 \mathrm{amu}) .$ Which is the most abundant?


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Video Transcript

So we have the 3 um naturally occurring isotopes of oxygen, and there A mass and atomic mass units listed. The average atomic mass of oxygen from the periodic table is 15.999 atomic mass units. So if we look at these three, the one that's closest to the average Is oxygen 16, and that suggests that all of these three isotopes oxygen 16 is the most abundant because this is a weighted average. So mathematically the average is going to be closest to the most abundant of the three.

Fordham University
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