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Froilan S.

Chemistry 101

1 week ago

Which crystalline plane shall have the lowest surface energy? Explain.

Weber State University


Which physical state has particles with the highest kinetic energy?


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Video Transcript

There are three common physical states of matter. There is the solid, which has a fixed shape and a fixed volume because the molecules or atoms are close to each other and held in a rigid arrangement because they don't have much energy. Then there's a liquid which has a variable shape and a fixed volume. The variable shape comes from the fact that the particles now have a little bit more energy and can slide past each other. And then we have a gas which has a variable volume and a variable shape. This is because the molecules have enough energy to slide past each other and move away from each other, so which physical state has particles with the highest kinetic energy, while the ones that have the greatest energy are going to be the ones that are farthest away from each other, applying heat, increasing the temperature, increases the energy, the highest temperature corresponds to the greatest amount of kinetic energy and the highest temperature is required for a gas. So the answer is gas.

Weber State University
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