Numerade’s AI Tutor, Ace, Improves Learning Outcomes for Students

Students learning STEM through AI tutor

Ace, A Generative AI Tutor

Ace is Numerade’s advanced, generative artificial intelligence (AI) tutor. In July 2023, we launched Ace as a fully-fledged AI tutor that students can directly chat with, ask for help, and more. In the classroom, students don’t just learn through text, they often are given visual and audio learning support to ensure a full, 360 understanding of concepts. We developed Ace to offer the same benefits through one-of-a-kind image, video, and speech generation when helping students learn STEM concepts. 

Ace is informed by over a decade of deep focus on scaling the benefits of tutoring. In the short time it’s been active, it’s made significant progress in driving positive learning outcomes for our students. 

Ace Engagement Metrics

Student Retention

Since its inception, Ace has been a key factor in driving retention on the site by 30%. The majority of students who interact with Ace are more likely to return to the site and engage with our other features and services. On Numerade, students who engage with Ace are finding real value in an AI tutor that has become an integral part of their learning experience.

Concerns Over AI Misuse

A common concern amongst the populace is AI being used by students to cheat on assignments. With this in mind, we developed Ace to carefully explain concepts and walk through a problem step-by-step. Our data shows that student interaction with Ace is about meaningful comprehension rather than seeking easy answers.

Ace, a Gateway to Deeper Understanding

The current average number of messages shared between a student and Ace is over 30 messages. This metric shows us that students are engaging in a back-and-forth dialogue with our AI. They’re seeking an explanation of concepts, potential mistakes, and other topics which ultimately indicates a desire for comprehension. This is reinforced by the length of an average daily chat session with Ace, which lasts for over 20 minutes. This time would be considerably shorter if students just wanted the answers to their homework. The fact that students are spending a significant amount of time with Ace shows a higher quality of interaction as well as a commitment to utilizing the resources available to them.

Looking to the Future

At Numerade, we take great pride in not only developing the most advanced AI tutor available but the fact that it’s assisting students every day. It reinforces that our multimodal approach successfully drives positive learning outcomes for students.

Furthermore, our work with AI is far from over as we continue updating Ace’s capabilities. For example, in the fall of 2023, we introduced a file upload feature to Ace in which students can upload photos of their handwritten notes and classroom materials directly to Ace. Once uploaded, Ace can instantly create study guides, flashcards, and other study resources for students to use. It’s worth noting this feature has since doubled the amount of engagement Ace was previously receiving. Lastly, Ace is available to a global audience due to its multilingual capabilities. We want to ensure that students from across the world can receive a high-quality, personalized learning experience.


  • Rob Shield

    Rob Shield is based out of Columbus, Ohio. As Numerade's copywriter, Rob uses their extensive background in education to inform and shape the topics and content posted to the blog for educators, parents, and students alike.