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Whether you’re a Numerade regular or you’re new to the site, welcome! If you’re here, you’re probably curious about what sets us apart, and we can’t wait to share our story with you.

Meet the Founders

Numerade Co-Founders Nhon Ma and Alex Lee

In 2019, Nhon Ma and Alex Lee founded Numerade due to their experiences in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). While there, they witnessed the inequalities in access to supplemental education. Motivated to improve the situation for students in underserved communities, they embarked on a mission to make tutoring accessible, affordable, and flexible.

The Vision

During the early stages of building Numerade, Ma and Lee made some important observations about the tutoring experience:

  1. Supplemental education services should meet students where they are. By recognizing each student’s unique challenges and areas of difficulty, Numerade aims to provide personalized support and resources tailored to their individual needs.
  2. Students should feel empowered to ask questions and take ownership of their education. Each student has their own learning styles and methods that work best for them. By giving students the flexibility to choose how they want to learn, we can drive greater success in boosting grades and confidence.
  3. Learning is maximized through video lessons tailored by educators for students. Numerade utilizes short-form video lessons created by expert educators who understand the curriculum and know how to explain concepts effectively. These lessons are designed to provide clear explanations and step-by-step problem-solving techniques to aid students in grasping challenging concepts.

Who We Serve

While students are at the heart of Numerade, our platform supports a wider community. We are dedicated to providing valuable resources and support to educators, parents, and anyone involved in the learning process.


By encouraging students to actively engage and participate in their learning, Numerade fosters a sense of ownership and autonomy. This platform not only provides students with the resources they need to succeed academically but also empowers them to speak up and seek out support.


Numerade is a game-changer for parents looking for affordable, flexible, and effective educational support for their children. 

Traditional tutoring methods can cost upwards of $500 a month whereas our platform offers monthly and annual subscriptions for a fraction of the cost while still delivering high-quality support. Numerade’s flexible platform also allows parents to fit their children’s learning around their busy schedules. Whether it’s late-night study sessions or weekend catch-ups, parents can rest easy knowing their child can access our platform for 24/7 expert STEM guidance and support.


Our platform wouldn’t be possible without our global community of 60K+ expert STEM educators composed of PhDs, TAs, professors, and full-time instructors. 

Through Numerade educators can widen their impact and help students across the world while gaining an additional source of income. Many of our educators report by answering questions and creating content they’re able to keep their STEM skills sharp and learn new concepts to better support students.

Interested in learning more about our educators? Check out some of our educator spotlight interviews by following the links below:

What We Offer

Numerade offers a comprehensive set of study tools that can greatly benefit students in their STEM learning journey. 

Ask an Educator

Asking questions in the classroom isn’t always easy to do. That’s why our platform provides a judgment-free space for students to directly submit their STEM questions to our network of educators. Our educators then create a custom, step-by-step explanation video, walking students through the problem. Through this process, students can gain an understanding of vital STEM processes and verify their own solutions at their pace.

Find Your Textbook

On our platform, students can access a rich collection of video lessons and content for over 6,000 STEM textbooks. They can easily find their specific textbook by searching through the extensive database using the title and author information. This feature enables students to access supplementary materials and explanations that align directly with their curriculum, enhancing their understanding and mastery of the subject matter.

Numerade currently hosts the largest STEM video library with over 100M+ step-by-step explanation videos, ensuring that we have content to help students everywhere.

Advanced AI Tutor

Our generative AI tutor, Ace, is revolutionizing the way students learn. Ace leverages the power of the latest advancements in language learning models, including cutting-edge ChatGPT technology. Additionally, Ace is trained on Numerade’s vast collection of educator-crafted content and proprietary data. This makes it uniquely adept at tackling complex STEM problems and providing insightful feedback. This combination of cutting-edge technology and subject-specific expertise sets Ace apart from other AI models, offering students a truly personalized and effective learning experience. 

Using an interactive chat feature, Ace has several different capabilities to provide students with personalized learning experiences. 

  • Solution Walkthrough: Students can ask Ace to explain specific steps in solving the exact complex STEM equations they’re struggling with as well as provide examples, explain common mistakes, and more.
  • Document Upload: Students can upload pictures of their notes, homework, tests as well as document files such as lecture slides, PDFs, and more to Ace for custom study materials. Using these files Ace can instantly summarize information, create study guides, practice quizzes and flashcards, and more.
  • Tailored Explanations: If a student needs additional guidance they can directly ask Ace to tailor their explanations to their needs! All the student has to do is tell Ace “Explain this in simpler terms” or “Explain this for someone in high school”.

These features are just a fraction of what Ace can do and better yet, Ace is 100% free! Try Ace for yourself today.

Additionally, if you have any concerns about your child utilizing AI in their learning, check out our blog post: A Parent’s Guide to AI. Along with these features, our platform features a variety of other tools available to assist in your child’s learning such as Study Groups, free STEM courses, and more.

Our Commitment

At Numerade, our commitment is to empower students and foster a love for learning. We strive to bridge the gap in access to supplemental resources by leveraging innovative technology and maintaining a steadfast dedication to helping every student succeed, regardless of their background or circumstances. At the end of the day, Numerade is more than just a website; we are a passionate community dedicated to making a real difference in education.


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