Study Groups: Study with Friends on Numerade

We are excited to announce the launch of Study Groups, a new feature from Numerade that allows students to create and join private study rooms with their friends and classmates! 

With Study Groups, students can study together using video lessons and solutions created by expert educators, choosing from Numerade’s library of more than 3 million step-by-step videos matched directly to all your STEM textbooks. It’s the most fun way to study! In addition to studying together with Numerade videos, on Study Groups, you can:

Study Groups is free to use, and we’re offering free video unlocks to students who create and join their own rooms! If you’re a Numerade subscriber, you can invite your friends to your study room, and they’ll each get 3 free unlocks when they register for Numerade using your invite link. Or, if neither you or your friends are subscribers, you can register for a free Numerade account, create a study room and invite your friends, and both you and your friend will receive 3 free videos when they register!

With Study Groups, we want to make online learning a more social, collaborative, and enjoyable experience for students. Studying is about more than just learning the material – it’s about connection and learning from one another, too. Study Groups is the first social learning platform of its kind, a safe and fun platform where you and your classmates can crunch for tomorrow’s chemistry exam, commiserate about your calculus classes, hold each other accountable while you work toward a common goal, or just get together and hang out.

Check out Study Groups and create your own study room to start inviting friends today!