How Parents Can Use Remote Learning During School Closures

As families adjust to COVID-19 (coronavirus), one of the big looming questions they face is how to facilitate distance learning with mass school closures.  The reality is most of the educational responsibility will rest on parents. We want to share this guide for parents on how to leverage distance learning with Numerade, a free STEM & Test Prep shot- form video education platform committed to closing the educational opportunity gap.

How Parents Can Use Numerade During School Closures

Numerade hosts the largest free STEM & Test Prep video library in the world created by the world’s best educators.  It contains hundreds of thousands of free conceptual and step-by-step video walk-through solutions to the top STEM textbooks across secondary and postsecondary education. Students use Numerade when doing homework daily, particularly when problems are assigned from textbooks.  Students can find their books here and continue to practice how to approach and solve specific problems. Though this, students internalize the material at a faster pace aided by expert educator video explanations.

This is a great opportunity to understand what your students are studying and where they may need extra help in their STEM courses or standardized tests.  Have an open conversation with your child and help schedule a daily routine where they can review Numerade’s educational videos.

If your child has SATs or APs exams coming up, you can use the following Test Prep free resources:

Learn what Math and Science textbook your child is using in school, more than likely Numerade have solved every problem with step-by-step video solutions created by top educators.  Find your childs book here and/or access these free resources:



If your students’ teachers are still providing instruction, feel free to ask them to use Numerade’s a Free Video Creation and Sharing Platform for video lessons, Office Hours, it’s a simple way to create and share video lessons with students.  Students can also ask questions of their instructors and get video response. Here’s a step by step page to sign up for Office Hours. Also here’s the step-by-step instructions in video format.