How to Use Numerade During School Closures due to COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Dear students, educators and parents,

As we all prepare for a potential outbreak in our area from COVID-19 (coronavirus), we want to share options you have for remote, distance learning with Numerade.  

Numerade is a free online video education platform committed to closing the educational opportunity gap.

How Students Can Use Numerade During School Closures

Numerade hosts the largest STEM video library in the world.  We have hundreds of thousands of step-by-step video walk-through solutions to the top STEM textbooks across secondary and postsecondary education.  Students use Numerade when doing homework, particularly when problems are assigned from textbooks. More than likely, we will have provided a video walk through to the exact problem students are working on.  Students can find their book here and continue to practice how to approach and solve specific problems.  Though this, students are able to internalize the material at a faster pace.

Using Numerade daily helps students master difficult topics.  Students can select the book they are using and locate the chapter they need to learn or relearn.  All videos are created by top PhD, Graduate students, High School teachers, and university students.  

For students taking the SAT or APs, we have thousands of videos to help them master these exams here.

Students also have free access to full length courses here.  Courses are conceptual content videos from Precalculus, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and the SAT.  Each contains 30-40 hrs of video material covering every topic within the subject.  These courses were created by our top PhD educators.  

If students are stuck and need to ask their teachers, professors or TAs a question, they can do so with our free ‘Office Hours’ feature.  Here’s how.   

To start, sign up here.

How Educators and Schools Can Use Numerade During School Closures

School closures shouldn’t mean students stop learning. With remote learning on the rise, we want to ensure students receive the same kind of benefits they would from their typical instructional day.

Numerade allows educators to post unlimited video lectures for their students to access in a “remote classroom setting,” in their own time and place. Create and post a video in less than 10 minutes – and invite your students to view and review all for FREE.

How it works:

  1. Create a virtual class
  2. Record your lecture video
  3. Invite your students and let the learning begin

Additionally, students can post questions and educators can provide video explanations (here’s how).  If students don’t have access to stable WIFI and computers, they can access via mobile phones. We also have a live streaming option available via This provides live stream for up to 25 students, recording functionality and 1 to 1 capabilities. If you are impacted by the coronavirus, all costs will be waived or heavily discounted.   

If you’re interested in implementing a free, simple solution to ensure student growth during the Coronavirus outbreak, we’ll be happy to get you started. Just sign up here, and get a quick 15 minute consultation and demo here. Again this is being offered completely for FREE to students and educators.

Kind regards,
Team Numerade


  • Nhon Ma

    Nhon Ma is the CEO and Co-Founder of Numerade, a Los Angeles based EdTech platform that's using AI and short form videos to democratize STEM.