New Google Classroom Integration for Numerade’s Asynchronous Teaching Platform, ‘Class’

Numerade ‘Class’ just made it easier for educators to record and distribute asynchronous video lessons to their students with Google Classroom Integration!

As educators everywhere struggle with the realities of teaching remotely we want to make it as easy as possible for them to go asynchronous. Zoom and live classes are not enough to make distance learning work, and recorded lessons are proven to receive more engagement and be preferred by students.

‘Class’ is a free platform from Numerade that allows teachers to record whiteboard lesson videos, assign them to students, and conduct Q&A with video all from the same place. Teachers using Google Classroom can now easily onboard their students into class and manage the platform.

How using ‘Google Classroom’ with Numerade Class works

Simply go to Numerade ‘Class‘ and click sign up! You’ll be prompted to input some simple information to set up your Class session.

From your new Class dashboard navigate to the Students section and then select the ‘add students’ button. From there you can easily link your Google Classroom account and use it to invite all of your students at once to join your Class session. This makes it simple for you to onboard your class and quick for students to login and start watching your lessons right away.