Your Own Digital Teaching Portfolio

Resumes and CVs are outdated. Stand out with a portfolio of your own lesson videos on Numerade.

Teachers are like athletes. What matters most is not what you’ve done, rather it is the quality of your current performance. As a teacher, that quality is measured by your ability to convey information to students in an understandable and engaging way. This makes it difficult to assess a teacher’s abilities purely based on their past jobs. Whether you are looking for work as a tutor or your full-time teaching gig, proving you are the great teacher we know you are essential to be hired. 

Did you know the lessons you make for students on Numerade can benefit your own career?

The videos you create as a Numerade partner educator exist online with your name and picture affixed to them like a badge — standing as a proud record of your teaching quality. Your entire library of lessons live under your Numerade profile to be discovered and shared.  

Alongside your resume and CV, your Numerade profile can serve as evidence of your teaching ability the next time you are seeking a job. Allow future employers to see just how well you can take complicated concepts and break them down into understandable lessons. 

Your Numerade Portfolio is also a great marketing tool that can help you land customers as a tutor. Many students on Numerade seek out content from specific educators on the platform they’ve come to enjoy learning from. These students often ask if they can receive one-on-one instruction from their favorite Numerade teachers. Share your profile with prospective clients, include it in your email signature, and share as much as you can as indisputable proof that you’re the best tutor for the job!