Personalized Learning and AI

Using AI for Personalized learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is bringing sweeping changes to education and making it much easier for educators to provide a tailored learning experience for their students. In today’s blog, we’re going to break down what personalized learning is and explore how educators can leverage AI to drive greater success among students.

What is Personalized Learning? 

While it may sound self-explanatory, personalized learning goes much deeper than just providing a customized learning experience for students. In short, it means tailoring a student’s learning experience to their individual strengths, needs, and interests. This information can be gathered in a variety of ways via GPA, behavioral data, classroom observation, and more. Personalized learning is showing effectiveness in a variety of subjects but it’s by far the most effective for STEM subjects

Understanding AI in Personalized Learning

Traditionally, personalized learning occurs in smaller classroom environments where intervention or behavioral specialists are on hand to gather data and use it to inform a personalized plan of study for an individual student. 

While AI certainly doesn’t replace these professionals it can definitely be a big help to busy educators. Utilizing machine learning algorithms, an AI can analyze given data about a learner to provide recommendations for the most effective learning experience. Additionally, an AI can handle other tasks such as short-term and long-term goal setting, specialized project recommendations, and other aspects that typically require more time than current educators are given.  

Benefits of AI in Personalized Learning

Aside from improving student grades, there are several other benefits of AI in personalized learning, here are just a few:

  • Handling time-consuming tasks – AI in personalized learning can save time and resources by automating tasks such as grading, assessment, and feedback.
  • Enhanced student motivation – Study plans based on personalized learning help students gain a greater sense of ownership and control over their education. It allows them to set the pace they work which ultimately leads to greater motivation and more enjoyment in their schoolwork.
  • Improved learning outcomes – When given grade and behavior data an AI can use that data to create a study plan that will focus on the individual student’s strengths as well as areas for improvement. This leads to greater comprehension, retention, and recall of information in class.

Tips for Using AI for Personalized Learning

Here are some tips for getting the most out of AI in personalized learning:

Understand the Technology 

Before implementing AI for personalized learning, it is essential to understand how the technology works and its capabilities. AI is incredibly versatile and powerful but, it does have its limitations, understanding these will be the best way to ensure it can be used effectively.

Collect, Analyze, and Upload data 

To use AI effectively, you must collect and analyze data on student performance. As we previously stated, this data can encompass a wide swath of information. The more info and data the AI has, the more effective its study plan will be.

Use AI to Complement and Enhance

An AI is not a replacement for trained and skilled academic professionals. It’s an effective and powerful tool that can enhance a student’s learning experience but, it takes a knowledgeable and passionate educator to apply it. 

Monitor student progress

Remember, an AI is more effective when given more data. By regularly monitoring student progress and consistently updating the data the AI has it can continue to identify strengths and adapt to any improvements or changes in a student’s learning experience.

Numerade and Personalized Learning

When it comes to combining AI and personalized learning, we’re pros at it over at Numerade. We’ve developed the world’s first AI tutor, Ace, and have been utilizing Ace to offer custom-fit learning experiences for students in STEM, an area that most AI struggle to provide consistent results. We gather data on student progress, textbooks and video solutions accessed, and more to provide an effective study plan that caters to the individual. 

Additionally, we’ve boosted Ace’s capabilities with the introduction of our newest feature. Through our new interactive study tool, students can now chat directly with Ace and receive a tailored, multimedia learning experience in STEM with features such as:

  • Instant step-by-step explanations and guided prompts
  • Real-time voiced answers
  • In-depth clarification on specific solution steps 
  • And more

The Wrap Up

Not every student learns the same way, for this reason, personalized learning is the ideal method for educators to drive outcomes. With the recent advancements in AI, it’s now much easier for busy instructors to provide the ideal, individualized learning plan. Interested in seeing how we can help provide a custom-fit learning experience for your STEM classes? Check out Numerade today, we’re paving the way for AI in the classroom and making STEM education accessible to all.

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