Best Online Resources for Educators

Best online teacher resources

Engaging Classroom Activities


You mean, us? The kind folks at Numerade? *gasp*

Of course us! Our tools have helped millions of students improve their grades, confidence, and overall comprehension. With Numerade your students gain access to our AI tutor, expert educator-crafted content, custom quizzes, and more. We’re on a mission to drive true understanding in STEM and our tools are proven to do just that. Interested in how you can use Numerade with your students? Check out our past blog post on that exact subject!

Virtual Field Trips: Exploring Beyond the Classroom

Gone are the days when field trips were limited to nearby locations. With virtual field trips, you can take your students on an adventure around the world without leaving the classroom. These websites offer immersive experiences that allow students to explore historical landmarks, natural wonders, and cultural sites from the comfort of their desks. Here’s a quick collection of some of our favorites:

Professional Development and Collaboration

As educators, it’s crucial to stay updated with the latest teaching methods and collaborate with fellow teachers. In this section, we will introduce two online resources that will help you enhance your professional skills and connect with like-minded educators.

Online Courses for Continuous Learning

Online professional development courses can help you learn about new teaching strategies. Additionally, in some courses, you can earn continuing education credits that can help you meet your professional development requirements. Here are a few free online courses we’d recommend:

Teacher Communities: Sharing Knowledge and Experiences

Being part of a community of educators can be invaluable. Online platforms like Teachers Pay Teachers allow you to connect with teachers from around the world, share resources, and exchange ideas. These communities provide a supportive network where you can learn from others, seek advice, and contribute to the growth of the teaching profession.

Assessment and Feedback Tools

Effective assessment and timely feedback are essential for student growth. In this section, we will explore two online resources that will simplify the assessment process and help you provide constructive feedback to your students.

Digital Feedback Platforms: Enhancing Communication

Gone are the days of handwritten comments on papers. Digital feedback platforms like Google Classroom and FeedbackFruits offer a seamless way to provide personalized feedback to your students. These platforms allow you to leave comments, highlight specific areas for improvement, and engage in ongoing discussions with your students.

Lesson Plan Databases: Saving Time and Effort

Running out of time to create lesson plans from scratch? Lesson plan databases like Share My Lesson and Teach Starter have got you covered. These websites provide a vast collection of ready-to-use lesson plans created by experienced teachers. You can search for lesson plans based on grade level, subject, and specific learning objectives. Furthermore, you could always utilize AI to create a lesson plan tailored to the topics you’re interested in teaching! If you’d like to learn more about how to do this check out our blog post on AI Curriculum Building.

The Wrap-Up

By utilizing these top online resources, you can transform your teaching experience and provide your students with engaging, interactive, and enriching learning opportunities. Explore the possibilities, connect with fellow educators, and enhance your teaching skills. The digital world is at your fingertips!