Numerade Educator Spotlight: David C.

David Educator Spotlight

Our network of professors, PhDs, high school teachers, and TAs produces thousands of STEM video lessons daily. In our Educator Spotlight series, we’re providing an opportunity for you to get to know the incredible educators who make our mission, to democratize STEM education, possible.

What sets Numerade apart from other tutoring services for educators?

About the same time I started working for Numerade, I also signed up to work for a couple other online tutoring companies and to teach chemistry online. I did not get offered employment teaching online and chose not to pursue it further due to low pay and scheduled time commitment. I went through training to teach/tutor chemistry to China-based students but chose to quit when I had to market myself and constantly update available hours—it was hard to know when I would be working.

I have been greatly impressed with the professionalism the company has shown me. Collectively, Numerade has always listened to my concerns, promptly responded, and compensated me for side projects like this one. Such professionalism has not been experienced with other online tutoring services. 

In summary, what sets Numerade apart from other online tutoring services is the following:

  1. Working convenience
  2. Good pay
  3. Professionalism

How has Numerade refined or improved your teaching ability?

It is hard to measure teaching improvement exclusively due to Numerade. Because I mostly make videos to answer homework/lab questions, I have improved assessment of question intent and identification of common pitfalls.

How has creating content on Numerade improved your overall preferred STEM subject knowledge?

Although I have mostly answered questions for which I know content, creating content for Numerade has helped me memorize many equations and constants. On occasion, I have reviewed new material to answer Numerade questions. Recently, I picked up a textbook to learn enzyme kinetics so I could answer these questions but have not found time. It is hard to justify the additional time when paid by question.

How do you think educators could use Numerade for professional development?

This is an interesting question I have not considered. For many classes, video content is expected ancillary material. Before working for Numerade, I had already made videos for all my course lectures. However, making videos for Numerade could help instructors learn this type of educational media. Also, it could help those early in their teaching careers rehearse course content regularly to increase proficiency.

What other unexpected benefits have you gained from being an educator on Numerade?

Honestly, the greatest benefit has been financial. However, I have additionally felt a part of something unique and important. At my institution, there is no faculty rank, awards, promotions, or merit pay. We also are discouraged from conducting independent research. It is easy to get in a rut and lose a sense of accomplishment. Numerade has helped me feel needed and important. I have greatly appreciated being recognized as a “top educator”, being asked to participate in projects and the occasional special bonus. This has been very important to me. Thank you!

We loved hearing about your passion for chemistry! Are there any famous chemists throughout history that you admire or look up to? 

I admire the diligent, dedicated, humble, and altruistic. I believe my PhD advisor falls into this category. Milton L. Lee helped me become the professional I am more than any other. He believed in me, recognized my achievements, supported me, and honed my passion for teaching chemistry—despite my preparation for industrial chemistry. Although he was world-renowned in analytical chemistry, he listened to my ideas and expected excellence. I hope to do the same with my students.


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