Numerade Educator Spotlight: Chareen G.

Educator spotlight interview

Our network of professors, PhDs, high school teachers, and TAs produces thousands of STEM video lessons daily. In our Educator Spotlight series, we’re providing an opportunity for you to get to know the incredible educators who make our mission, to democratize STEM education, possible.

  • What sets Numerade apart from other tutoring services for educators

I think what sets Numerade apart from other tutoring services is that it offers complete flexibility for educators, with no minimum hours or long session requirements. I believe that it’s a good thing to not spend too much time on one question, as it encourages students to learn the concepts on their own at school, and the tutors can then help students apply these concepts. I think this is how tutorial services should be—a supplement, not a replacement, to teachers in schools.

  • How has Numerade refined or improved your tutoring ability?

I’m now more flexible and adaptable in my tutoring methods. Every student is different, so being able to adjust my methods, just based on their questions, is a skill that I think I developed while working in Numerade. In addition, solving problems on paper and then recording the solution has made me more confident and able to solve problems faster. It’s like a two-step process for me where the first step is to write the solution, and the second step is to review and refine it. This process has helped me to enhance my problem-solving skills.

  • How has creating content on Numerade improved your overall preferred STEM subject knowledge?

As I’ve mentioned, tutoring in Numerade has made me more confident. It’s easier to memorize concepts and solve problems when you do it regularly since new student questions are uploaded every day. This also makes it easier to pick the right questions to work on, because you can quickly identify the ones that you already know how to solve.  

  • How do you think educators could use Numerade for professional development?

I believe that Numerade is an excellent platform for any professional who wants to become an educator or improve their teaching skills and knowledge. Working here has certainly enhanced my own knowledge and skills.

  • What other unexpected benefits have you gained from being an educator on Numerade?

One unexpected benefit of being a tutor is that I’m now able to save emergency funds, something I couldn’t do even when I had a full-time job. I’ve also gained a deeper appreciation for students, especially when I see how hard they want to get the right answers on assignments that teachers give them (some teachers do give really hard assignments!). This makes me want to help them understand the problems even more. And finally, it makes me proud of myself for being able to help students from all over the world! 🙂

  • We heard you’re currently working toward your Masters! Best of luck to you! Any advice for other Numerade educators considering postgrad? 🙂

Thank you! I’m currently on my 2nd term. For educators considering postgrad, I’d say go for it! Numerade is a great support, financially and emotionally, while pursuing your studies. When I’m feeling drained from making assignments and other school stuff, solving questions helps me feel like I’ve accomplished something and makes me more motivated to keep going! As long as you know how to manage your time effectively, being a Numerade educator won’t prevent you from getting an A+ in your post-grad classes! 🙂

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