Numerade Educator Spotlight: Dave K.

Educator spotlight

Our network of professors, PhDs, high school teachers, and TAs produces thousands of STEM video lessons daily. In our Educator Spotlight series, we’re providing an opportunity for you to get to know the incredible educators who make our mission, to democratize STEM education, possible.

  • What sets Numerade apart from other tutoring services for educators?
    • I am not super familiar with many of the other tutoring services, but from what I have seen, Numerade seems to have the most professional-looking format for its videos and responses. Many other services often look like informal chat sites.
  • How has Numerade refined or improved your teaching ability?
    • Numerade has given me the ability to hone my communication skills, especially when it comes to giving simplified explanations.
  • How has creating content on Numerade improved your overall preferred STEM subject knowledge?
    • Numerade has helped me to expand my knowledge as I address new questions. It has also helped me to refresh my knowledge on topics that I haven’t explored in a while.
  • How do you think educators could use Numerade for professional development?
    • Numerade could possibly offer video content that addresses questions pertaining to education/childhood development beyond the psychology realm.
  • What other unexpected benefits have you gained from being an educator on Numerade?
    • Numerade helped me to develop my speaking voice and hopefully enhance my teaching delivery. It has also been a blessing to my family as a source of additional income.
  • We saw you have a combined total of 26 years of teaching sciences! That’s so impressive! Do you have a specific topic that’s your favorite to cover with students?🙂
    • I really enjoy teaching Newton’s Laws of Motion in Physical Science and I love teaching Plant and Animal Cells in Biology.

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