Educator Spotlight: Heather Zimmers, MA – Secondary Mathematics Education, Oregon State University

Our network of professors, PhDs, high school teachers and TA’s produce thousands of STEM video lessons every day. In our Educator Spotlight series we highlight the standout educators whose courses and textbook solution lessons are helping students learn and improve their grades on Numerade.

Meet Heather:

Heather is a high school math teacher with 27 years of experience. Equipped with an MA in Secondary Mathematics Education from Oregon State University she has helped countless high school and college students develop their math skills and improve their grades. 

On Numerade, Heather is prolific and terrific! She has recorded well over 1,000 lessons around math subjects ranging from Pre-Algebra & Trig to College Algebra. What stands out most about Heather is her quality as a teacher.  Her lessons are clear, concise, and engaging. The students on Numerade that we talk to rave about how much her lessons have helped them. And now she can help you too…

Start learning from an expert math teacher who truly cares about her students here!

Fun Fact:  When Heather is not solving polynomial’s she enjoys baking bread, the calculus of the cooking world!

Heather’s Top Lessons: