Numerade Educator Spotlight: Nicholas J.

Educator Spotlight

Our network of professors, PhDs, high school teachers, and TAs produce thousands of STEM video lessons every day. In our Educator Spotlight series, we’re providing an opportunity for you to get to know the incredible educators who make our mission, to democratize STEM education, possible.

What sets Numerade apart from other tutoring services for educators?

I haven’t really worked for other online tutoring services, but the flexibility that Numerade offers is really great. Educators are able to put in as much time as they’re able or want to.

How has Numerade refined or improved your teaching ability?

I am a Math Specialist working with first-year college students who typically have had poor past experiences learning mathematics and need extra support in math. Making as many videos as I have with Numerade, I always try to be energetic and explain things in detail. This has helped to improve my teaching ability as I try to bring that same energy to the classroom. I am also always thinking of new and innovative ways to explain concepts, and this has also transferred from Numerade to the classroom.

How has creating content on Numerade improved your overall preferred STEM subject knowledge?

I have a pretty broad experience with many mathematical concepts, but there are certainly some questions in Numerade that I won’t know how to solve or explain initially. But, doing the research to answer the question in Numerade has helped to expand my own knowledge.

How do you think educators could use Numerade for professional development?

I think one possibility would be that educators could share their Numerade content with colleagues and be inspired by the new ways of explaining concepts and ideas.

What other unexpected benefits have you gained from being an educator on Numerade?

During the summer months, it has been so nice to not just rely on my wife’s income. Working for a university, I don’t receive a paycheck in the summer and Numerade has certainly helped to make things less tight in the summer. 

We heard you were able to purchase a new car with your additional source of income from Numerade! How’s it been running? 🙂

Yes, I was able to purchase a new Nissan Kicks with my income from Numerade, and it’s been running great! I have even been approached and complimented on my license plate. My plate says MATHJOY 😉.

We’re incredibly thankful to all our educators for providing the means to make quality STEM education more accessible to students everywhere. Interested in joining our community of educators? Follow this link and sign up today!


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