How Educators Can Earn More Tutoring on Numerade over Break

Winter break is almost here and that means having time to recharge and relax. We also know it means looking for ways to stay engaged and continue making a difference. Fortunately, for Numerade educators, you can have both. In today’s blog post, we’ll be breaking down the best way to maximize your time over break.

Why Educators Should Create Content on Numerade

That’s a big statement. 

If we were to list all the reasons why creating content on Numerade is great for educators, students, parents, and more this post would quickly become Tolkien-esque in length. Instead here are a few quick reasons why.

Convenience & Income

There are several different online tutoring sites for educators seeking the means to supplement their income. Additionally, there are several seasonal positions where educators can make a little more on the side this winter. While those are viable options, they certainly aren’t the most convenient or rewarding. 

As a Numerade educator, you’ll create short-form video solutions to student-asked and textbook problems and get paid per video submitted. We believe this is the ideal choice for educators seeking to supplement their incomes for the following reasons:

  • No set schedules or quotas – We will never tell you when to work or how long to work. Educators can choose to create content whenever they want, no clock-ins are required. Furthermore, we will never tell you how many videos to create, you’ll get paid for each video you submit to the site.
  • Utilizing hard-earned knowledge and skills – Educators go through a rigorous process to become licensed, certified instructors. By tutoring on Numerade you’ll still get to utilize your educator skillset to do what teachers do best — make a difference.
  • Work from anywhere – That’s right, as long as you have a tablet and the means to record your step-by-step solution and voiceover, you can earn from anywhere. Many of our educators will take advantage of this by bringing their equipment with them on their trips during the break, oftentimes funding their trip through Numerade alone.

It’s also worth mentioning that many Numerade educators are able to double their income as full-time educators by creating solution videos for our platform. Last year one of our educators earned over $130K by tutoring on Numerade alone! If you’re curious about how some of our current educators are utilizing their additional income check out a few of our educator spotlight interviews:

Greater Impact

The fact of the matter is, that supplemental education can be extremely beneficial to student success and growth. However, due to income and flexibility, not all students can receive the support they need. This is what makes tutoring through Numerade so important because our mission is to democratize STEM education by making it more affordable and accessible. 

Furthermore, we have refined our service to serve today’s students. The “TikTok” generation, like any other, needs schooling tailored to their needs. This is why our short-form video content is so successful because it concentrates on showing the necessary process to solve a problem in a 1-2 minute long video. Students can then re-watch solution videos multiple times over to ensure they understand the content. Many online tutoring sites are peddling answers, we’re providing the means for students across the world to learn the processes necessary to solve problems on their own.

Tips for Maximizing Time on Numerade

To become a Numerade educator you’ll first need to apply, create a sample video, and complete your educator profile. Once approved you can begin creating solution videos! While each educator has their own process for content creation there are a few tips that can help you get started.

  1. Find a time that works best for you!

Again, we will never force you into any type of schedule. That being said, some of our educators find they are more productive during different times of the day. As you begin, make sure you take note of when you tend to feel “in the zone” so you can take advantage of it!

  1. Keep track of your favorite types of questions.

When you first start creating content with us you’ll let us know what subjects you’re well-versed in but it’s worth keeping track of the types of questions you enjoy answering! This will help you stay motivated and productive.

  1. Take regular breaks.

This is the greatest benefit of setting your own schedule. Educators are experiencing burnout on a massive scale and we want to ensure we’re part of the solution. Definitely stay in the zone when you’re feeling it but don’t force it, if you want to stop and take a break, run errands, etc. you should do just that. \

As we said, the longer you create content on the platform, the more you’ll find a rhythm and process that makes sense to you! 

The Wrap-Up

We’re dedicated to our mission of improving the lives of students everywhere and this is only possible with the support of passionate and talented educators. While students in the US may be on break this winter there will still be countless more around the world that depend on Numerade for support. This makes tutoring with Numerade the ideal way to relax while earning more on your time.


  • Rob Shield

    Rob Shield is based out of Columbus, Ohio. As Numerade's copywriter, Rob uses their extensive background in education to inform and shape the topics and content posted to the blog for educators, parents, and students alike.