How to Become a Numerade Educator

Numerade educators are teachers, professors and postgraduate students who get paid to create short-form video solutions to STEM questions, both from textbooks and questions asked by students. They are experts in the maths and sciences who earn extra money on the side by helping students master STEM concepts, succeed in school and pursue their dreams. Basically, being a Numerade educator is a lucrative side hustle that also helps democratize education by making STEM knowledge accessible to everyone.

Our educators come from a variety of backgrounds, including high school teachers, college professors, and graduate students, and they’re located all over the world. In addition to experience with teaching, many of our educators have postgraduate degrees, giving them deep, expert-level knowledge in their subjects. If you’re an educator or graduate student in a STEM field, becoming a Numerade educator could be a great way to supplement your income. And because our educators create short, whiteboard-style video solutions whenever and wherever they want, being a Numerade educator can fit almost any schedule – all you really need to record a video is a few minutes and your STEM expertise.

The application process

All told, the process for becoming a Numerade educator only takes a few days. To get started, educators can sign up here, entering their information and selecting the subject they’d like to teach in their video solutions. After that, educators are asked to create a short, 1-3 minute interview video in order to showcase their teaching skills. In this whiteboard-style video, educators present a solution to a sample question in their chosen subject. There’s no due date, so once educators have created an account, they can submit their interview video whenever they have time. 

Once an educator submits their interview video, our team reviews it for quality within 1-2 business days. If a video meets our standards and shows that an educator is qualified to create content for Numerade students, they’ll receive a Numerade contract to sign and can begin recording videos and earning money! To learn more about the application process and criteria, check out our educator FAQs.

How much do Numerade educators earn?

Educators are paid per assignment, and each assignment consists of a batch of 20 videos. Payment per video varies based on the subject and other factors, but educators can expect $1 to $8 per video, in addition to generous bonuses. Recent bonuses include a $100 bonus for submitting your first assignment of 20 videos, a $25 bonus for completing 50 videos in a 7 day period, and a $150 bonus for completing 150 videos in a 7 day period. We send out weekly emails to keep all our active educators up-to-date about new and upcoming bonuses. Educators receive payments through direct deposit, and they generally receive payment within 5-7 business days of submitting an assignment.

We’re always looking for experts in the maths and sciences to become Numerade educators, so if you’d like to supplement your income by creating high quality video solutions for students in STEM, learn more and get started today!