Meet the New & Improved Educator Dashboard

We are excited to announce the launch of our new educator Dashboard, the portal where Numerade educators can assign themselves STEM questions, record and submit their video solutions, and get paid for the incredible content they create.

Numerade educators are teachers, professors, PhDs and other STEM experts who help students around the world accelerate their learning by creating short, whiteboard-style video solutions to questions in their subject of choice. For our educators, Numerade is a way to earn money on the side while continuing to do what they love, and it’s hard to overstate the impact they have on the students who watch their video solutions to learn STEM concepts and succeed, in school and beyond.

Based on educator feedback, we have redesigned our Dashboard to help Numerade educators maximize their positive impact on students’ learning. Our goal was to streamline the Numerade experience, making it easier and more convenient than ever for educators to find, create and submit video lessons that help students succeed in STEM.

The new Dashboard is a one stop shop for all the tools Numerade educators need to share their STEM knowledge with students around the world. From the Dashboard, educators can find and assign themselves questions to answer, including both textbook and student-asked questions, and submit their video solutions for payment. Based on educator preferences and past choices, the Dashboard also recommends questions to solve.

The Dashboard also allows educators to  track their progress toward payment and total earnings in the Stats section, as well as the number of videos they have submitted and the total views their videos have received allowing them to see their direct impact on students’ lives. In addition, educators are now able to redo rejected questions for payment and watch their videos before submitting them.

Keep track of your earnings and impact on students in the new educator Dashboard.

We have also made significant improvements to streamline our whiteboard and educator experience so educators can focus on what matters: sharing their deep subject matter knowledge and giving students everywhere access to high quality STEM education.

If you’re interested in learning how you can help students accelerate their STEM education by becoming a Numerade educator, click here. You can also download the Numerade educator app for iPad here, and learn more about the updated Dashboard in our Help Center.