Numerade is Now Available for Free on Clever

Big news: Numerade is now available on Clever, the digital learning platform used in K-12 schools across the country. That means that if you use Clever in the classroom, your students can now get free access to more than 3 million step-by-step video lessons created by expert STEM educators.

Over 90 million students have used Numerade to accelerate their learning in the maths and sciences, and it works: 97% of students who use Numerade report better grades in STEM. And now that we’re on Clever, educators and school districts can give their students access to this powerful learning tool, ideal for supplementing in-class instruction with asynchronous online tutoring matched directly to the STEM textbooks they already use. When students study with Numerade, it’s like having a one-on-one personal tutor at their side whenever they need help: Our surveys show that students see Numerade as a replacement for traditional tutors and appreciate the value of immediate access to high quality supplemental learning. 

Recently, a math teacher reached out to us with this feedback: 

“Numerade is geared towards students having received instruction already from the teacher and are coming to the platform looking to fill in the gaps and clarify any questions… Short form video is the expected way of content delivery these days… Numerade is good for students who are looking for information and need help, especially in a teacher shortage – the current situation could be a lot worse without Numerade.”

If you use Clever in the classroom, consider giving your students the best online learning tool in STEM. When you use Numerade: 

  • Your students get immediate video tutoring help for all their STEM questions, with video lessons and solutions matched directly to their STEM textbooks.
  • Your students get STEM reinforcement with our AI Tutor, Quizzes and Bootcamps.
  • You can create, curate and assign video playlists for your students.
  • You can see where your students need help with our analytics and metrics.

Getting started with Numerade on Clever is simple:

  1. Log in to Clever, search for “Numerade” in the top navigation bar and add Numerade to your class.
  2. Give your students access to Numerade by having them go to Numerade ( and log in with their Clever account. 
  3. Once a student signs in, they will be automatically added to their classes in Numerade, where they will have access to all of Numerade’s content and features, including all 3 million STEM videos and Numerade Class (check out this quick overview video).
Now that we’re on Clever, it’s easy to get your students started with Numerade!

Right now, we know that many students are struggling in the wake of the pandemic, especially in math. That’s why it means so much to us to make our online learning platform available to students for free through Clever. And best of all, Numerade is remarkably easy to adopt and use, both for students and educators. When your students log in to Numerade with their Clever account, all they need to do is search their textbook and chapter, and they can immediately begin watching in-depth, easy-to-follow video tutorials that walk them through the concepts, formulas and approaches they need to learn. Search for Numerade on Clever to get started today!