Numerade: The Best Summer Tutoring Opportunity for Educators

Best summer side gig for teachers

For many educators, summer means kicking back, relaxing, and recharging. We also know that many educators are seeking out ways to earn and continue making a difference for students. Luckily, you don’t have to choose. In today’s blog, we’re going to explore a few reasons why Numerade is the perfect summer tutoring opportunity for educators looking to supplement their income.

Own Your Schedule

You’ve just ended another school year and, understandably, you don’t want your life to be put on another work schedule that’s out of your control. This is where Numerade shines. As a Numerade educator, you own 100% of your schedule because we actually want your time to be your time. You get to choose when you work, how long you work for, and where you work. In fact, many of our educators enjoy taking trips during their summer break knowing that they can use a tablet to solve student-asked and textbook problems, annotate their solutions, and then record them once they are in a more convenient location. With Numerade you don’t have to choose between taking a trip or earning. 

Teach What You Want

During the school year, many instructors will be hired to teach the subjects they studied in college. However, oftentimes instructors will also be asked to teach classes they may not be as passionate about. Similar to how we’ll never tell you when to create content, we’ll never tell you what content to create. We have countless questions lined up and ready to answer over 3k+ STEM topics. Find what you love and only create solutions for exactly that. We’re not so bold as to say “Do what you love and you’ll never…” but, a summer tutoring opportunity where you have complete control over your schedule and subjects? That’s what we’re all about.

Bonus Pay Opportunities

Starting out, many Numerade instructors can usually expect about $15-$20 an hour on average. As you become more efficient with creating content, you can expect the pay rate to rise. The earning potential doesn’t stop there though. Each month we offer a new bonus opportunity for instructors to earn additional pay. The bonuses are earned by creating a specific number of video solutions on the site for either student-asked questions, textbook questions, or both. Depending on the number of videos you create you can expect the bonus to be anywhere from $50 to $200 (don’t worry, you’ll have the specifics emailed to you each month). 

The Wrap Up

We’re on a mission to help students everywhere gain access to quality STEM materials but, that’s not our only mission. We’re also committed to creating a healthier, more supportive, and respectful summer tutoring experience for instructors everywhere. Educators are some of the most passionate and skilled professionals that show breathtaking levels of dedication to their students. That’s why Numerade is driven to return that dedication back to the instructor by ensuring teachers control their schedules and their subjects as well as provide greater pay opportunities.

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  • Rob Shield

    Rob Shield is based out of Columbus, Ohio. As Numerade's copywriter, Rob uses their extensive background in education to inform and shape the topics and content posted to the blog for educators, parents, and students alike.