Will AI Replace Educators in the Classroom?

Teachers using AI in the classroom

The current news cycle reports on the fact that educators have concerns about being replaced by artificial intelligence (AI), but they never seem to address them or expand on them. Our goal today is to do exactly that, address some common concerns related to AI in schools, and demystify any misconceptions.

AI: Good for Teachers, Not as A Teacher

In short, AI won’t replace educators anytime soon. Instead, educators should view AI as a powerful tool to help provide a greater level of instruction for their students and assist the educator with running a smooth classroom.

The Importance of Human Interaction

Making new friends in school and working with your favorite teacher are definitely fun parts of school but those opportunities also play an incredibly vital role in the development of social-emotional skills for students everywhere. These interactions allow students to develop their conversational skills, develop confidence, gain exposure to new cultures, discover new interests, and more. Being able to follow directions and creatively problem-solve are skills that can only be learned through valuable social experiences in the classroom with a human educator.

Human Innovation and Creativity

AI’s are powerful tools but at the end of the day, they’re still tools. They can “think” on any given topic but still need to be given a topic before they can ideate. Human educators excel at this, constantly thinking outside the box and making bold decisions with little to no previous knowledge or given data on a subject. This is where human workers excel. We’re constantly thinking outside the box, creating, and innovating oftentimes with little to no prior knowledge or data on a subject. 

Potential for AI Bias

AI is extremely skilled at automating tasks and providing a personalized user experience but, it’s not all-knowing. When an AI generates text based on a user command it will draw data from a multitude of online sources to inform what it’s writing and create a piece of content. Much like a human being, if the AI isn’t given enough information on a subject, it will have a harder time writing about it. That’s why you need a skilled educator to provide that data and ensure its accuracy.

AI: A Teacher’s Newest, Best Tool

On Numerade we’re all about helping teachers, that’s why we actually broke down some of the incredible ways AI can be used to help educators in our last blog post! So, have no fear, an AI won’t be taking your job, it will actually help make your job easier and improve the classroom experience for both students and teachers.


  • Rob Shield

    Rob Shield is based out of Columbus, Ohio. As Numerade's copywriter, Rob uses their extensive background in education to inform and shape the topics and content posted to the blog for educators, parents, and students alike.