Why Educators Choose Numerade

Our last post outlined how to become a Numerade educator. Why not listen to actual Numeraders explain why they signed up and stayed to make great STEM video content? In this video, hear how educators are helping combat student learning loss as a result of the pandemic, or earning extra income teaching, or just sharing their passion for mathematics. We hope this video inspires you to join us and share your expertise with the world.

Numerade educators are the backbone of our online learning community and the key to our mission: providing the next generation of thinkers with an easy, accessible platform to accelerate their STEM learning. These expert educators help students from all over the world by creating short-form, step-by-step video solutions to textbook and student-asked questions. With their help, students learn STEM concepts and master subjects from algebra and biology to physics and statistics. 

We asked some of these amazing educators what motivates them to work with Numerade, and their answers are inspiring. Some chose Numerade in order to help address COVID learning loss among students who were stuck at home during the pandemic. Others wanted to share their love of mathematics and science with the world. In addition to providing an additional source of income, becoming a Numerade educator is a way to help students succeed: A shared sentiment among many is the joy of being able to assist learners while doing something they were passionate about. Check out the video above to hear why these incredible educators chose Numerade, and learn how you can become a Numerade educator.