5 Reasons to be Excited About Back to School 2021

Why We're Dreaming About School This Fall

As fall fast approaches, we asked the students in our Discord server what they’re looking forward to most for the start of the school year. Here’s what they said:

1. Being in-person.

For me, I am looking forward to seeing my classmates and teachers in person again, and having a full, in-person schedule again! It will definitely be nice to have some form of normalcy to anticipate, especially with how un-normal the past year and a half has been. […] Although (almost) everybody wants summer to last forever, I really look forward to all the fun senior events we have at my high school!


2. Making new memories.

I am looking forward to transitioning back to in-person learning after 1.5 years of online school. I am also excited to meet my friends and teachers. We’re so used to everything being online, so experiencing school in-person again will feel euphoric. I can’t wait to finally learn in a learning environment instead of trying to learn at home with a bunch of distractions. School events such as homecoming and rallies excite me as well. Overall, I’m just looking forward to learning in-person and making memories out of my final 2 years in high school.


3. Change.

This Fall will be different compared to other school year. This is the school year that I will finally be able to return back to a school campus after a whole school year and a half of online learning. It’s a great opportunity for me to be able to socialize more, connect with others, and not feel limited to someone behind a screen. It’ll definitely feel nervous and at the same time exciting, but I’m grateful because I’m privileged to be able to go back to in-person school. It’s exhilarating to […] once again experience how the world once was before we were under the influence of a pandemic. So, I guess I’m excited for interaction. I’m eager for in-person classes. But I’m most exuberant for change.

@•miss bongo cat•

4. New studies.

Well, this is going to be the last year, of the three year study journey for the Exam I’m preparing for, and basically, I’m looking forward to do my best for it. Apart from it, I’ll be studying the HTML, JavaScript Advanced Level, and, preparing for the Certification Test. I secured International Rank 11 in the TJPhO (Thomas Jefferson Physics Olympiad), so I’ll be giving some time for it’s Invitational Round. I am also, a part of the Numerade Community (Intern), and I’ll be looking forward to giving my best to the server, and learning more on the go. Thanks!


5. Fresh challenges.

During this fall, I’m searching for a fresh challenge that might [help me expand] my experience. This would allow me to develop new professional relationships using my skills and expertise. I am searching for a position that would enable me to learn from the ground [up] and to make a career[…] Apart from challenges, I am happy to make more friends and learn many new [things].

@Special dogey

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