5 Tips During Midterms Week

Midterm Exams! One of the most mad weeks in school that captures a whirlwind of emotions, desires, late nights, and in reflection is a blur.

Here are 5 steps from our Numerade team on how to manage the week of Midterms:

1. Talk to your TAs in the days prior to exam (Prep Midterm Week As Much As Possible).

  • TAs or even the Instructors themselves will give you over a week’s leading notice that midterms are coming up and to visit their office hours. These are opportune times that most students don’t take advantage of. These preceding exam office hours are set up with the intention to assist proactive students who want additional detail for the exam.
  • The truth being, TAs and Instructors are people too, they will notice those who are willing to take the initiative and schedule early, they may even take recognition for those who are willing to be proactive and be more inclined to help in any worst case post exam situation (not that you’ll need it after these tips!)

2. Use Your Textbook With Numerade (Understand Conceptual Material on How to Perform the Topics on Exam)

  • When studying, use your textbook for conceptual material and often practice problems. Numerade videos will also serve as a step by step tutorial and even full video coursework for those who didn’t attend class.
  • Our team set up Numerade so that it’s an effective solution for homework and any exam prep, if we’re missing your textbook, just submit via this form and we’ll make the content ASAP!
  • Remember: Concept + Ability To Apply in Subjective Form = Learned Material

3. Manage Information Using Tools (Simplifying the Method Your Brain Takes In Information, It Improves Memory)

  • Flashcards, Chapter Outlines, Study Guides, Step By Step Diagrams, or Graphical Images are all effective tools that simplify information and represent easy facets for our brains to retain knowledge in a quick turnaround.
  • Mankind on a food chain didn’t ascend based on our features, we ascended due to our ability of applying tools to support and make our efforts more effective! 

4. Study in 45 : 15 Ratio (Time Management)

  • 45 minutes on and 15 minutes for a break, or for you power studiers 90 minutes on and 30 minutes break. This ratio of studying has been used for decades and as such is a highly effective way to maintain and manage studying information for extended periods of time without burning out and allowing the brain to refresh just enough to know what information needs to be double reviewed. Bonus recommendation: Meditate or Nap during the 15 or 30 minute break!

5. Get effective sleep and eat well! (Brain is a Body Part and Needs the Right Nutrients)

  • Nachos, Pizza, Doritos, and all the grease, cheese, and heavy carbs are sustenance, however, science lately has been pushing that healthier foods that are less draining can enhance not only energy to study but also memory and sleep – all things that you want to work optimal while studying and performing exams.
  • We don’t judge you based on your diet or choices, we want all students to succeed! Our intention is to just give notice not to forget some berries, grapes, or greens if you’re looking for a little enhancement!

Lastly, don’t beat yourself up or let the pressure put you down. You’re smart, intelligent, and effective – all of these things are proven (as you have been accelerating in school very well!) 

Midterms are 1 week of the season and they come and go, at the end of the week, you’ll be glad you thrived instead of survived! Best of Luck!