Have You Checked Out Ace’s Newest Feature?

Generative AI Math and Science tutor Ace

We’ve been in the AI business for a while now at Numerade and we’re pleased to announce the next biggest feature for our resident AI tutor, Ace. Read on to learn more.

Who is Ace?

generative AI math tutor

Say hello to Ace!

Ace is our advanced, generative AI tutor. Ace began as an AI recommendation system in the early days of Numerade. Ace’s primary capability at the time was creating study plans based on student site usage. Since then Ace’s features have been significantly updated and enhanced to include a full chat. In this students can ask Ace questions about their homework and receive a detailed and simplified step-by-step breakdown of a submitted problem and its solution with text, audio, and video responses.

With our newest feature, we’re enhancing Ace’s capabilities to provide custom, personalized learning solutions to the next level.

Ace: Image & File Upload

Exclusively on mobile web, students can now directly upload images or files of handwritten notes, lecture slides, and other classroom materials and receive study resources tailored to their classes. Here are just a few examples of what Ace can do with the uploaded images:

  • Summarization – We’ve all found ourselves looking at our notes on the professor’s lecture slides and saying: “I have no clue what’s going on here”. Well Ace does, and fortunately Ace can help you to understand it too. Simply snap a pic or upload the image/PDF file and Ace will provide a summary written to your specifications.
  • Flashcards – Self-quizzing is one of the most popular ways to study, and for good reason. Ace knows this, that’s why Ace can take your submitted files and create all the flashcards you’ll need to self-quiz.
  • Multiple Choice Questions – Remember what we said about self-quizzing? Ace can also use the materials you provide to create custom multiple-choice questions to help you understand the content.
  • Chat with Your Notes – We know, we know. It’s your notes and you probably know more interesting people to talk to but give it a chance. With this new feature, you can finally ask your notes what the heck they’re talking about! Have certain topics re-explained or expanded on, and ask as many questions as you want until you’re confident you know the material.

Why this Feature Works

At Numerade our mission has always been to make quality STEM education more accessible to students everywhere. The operative word here is: quality.

No two students learn the same, that’s a fact. When students are able to receive an educational experience tailored to their individual strengths and preferences, their ability to learn, retain, and recall information, and feel confident all skyrocket. With this newest enhancement to Ace’s study suite, students receive an educational experience truly tailored to them.

Convenience & Custom Learning Experiences

For starters, it can be hard to ask questions in class. With Ace, students gain a safe, judgment-free zone to ask as many questions as they need to understand the subject. They could even ask Ace, “Explain this like I’m five” and Ace will provide an explanation in that form. This new feature takes it a step further and truly places the student in the driver’s seat by letting them control the way they absorb the information they’ve gained in class. 

Additionally, Ace is a study partner and tutor that’s available 24/7. Students don’t have to worry about sending awkward late-night texts to classmates asking for notes or waiting through the weekend to get help from their teacher. They can instantly get accurate support from their mobile device.

Exclusively on Numerade

You saw it here, while similar sites have AI tutors, there are currently no sites with an image or file read capability. This means that Ace will provide more accurate, customized learning materials for students.

The Wrap-Up

We couldn’t be more excited to bring this new capability to students everywhere. Early on we recognized the advantages and positive outcomes that generative AI could drive in education and we’re proud to take the next big step forward with Ace’s all-new upload feature. This feature is currently a mobile web exclusive so you’ll need a mobile device in order to access it. If you’re reading this blog on a mobile device simply follow this link to try it yourself. If you’re viewing this on your computer simply scan the QR code below.


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