The Best Apps for Time Management and Organization for Students

Best Apps for students

The best strategy for a great school year? It’s all about the organization. The best way to feel confident is to know that you’re on top of everything, getting the work done. As you prep for the incoming school year check out these apps to help you stay on track and be more productive.

Numerade Mobile App

Not to toot our own horn or anything but we do have a proven track record 😉. The Numerade app is a great study tool for STEM classes considering you have instant access to all of our usual desktop features such as our AI tutor, our team of expert STEM educators, and more all from your phone or tablet. Even better, you can snap pictures of your homework problems on your phone and send them directly to the site for an answer!


Todoist is a popular app for both creating and managing to-do lists. It’s an extremely simple tool to learn and can be incredibly helpful when it comes to organizing tasks. You can even create multiple to-do lists with due dates, reminders, and individual tasks for each class so that your homework is broken down to only the action items in one easy-to-find place. The app also allows you to collaborate with others by assigning specific tasks for a single project, making it a great tool for group work.


Similar to Todoist, Evernote is a note-taking app that allows you to store and organize your notes, ideas, and research. What sets it apart from Todoist however is its greater range of multimedia features, with specific tasks you can add relevant images, audio files, scans, PDFs, and more, making it ideal for storing finished assignments or keeping lecture notes in one place. The app also has a powerful search function, making it easy to find your specific documents or files quickly.


Need help staying focused and avoiding distractions? Forest is the app for you. The app uses a unique approach to time management, encouraging you to stay focused by planting a virtual tree. You must leave the app open with your phone on in order for the virtual tree to grow, if you leave the app to check social media or browse the internet, the tree will wither and die. The app also allows you to track your progress and earn rewards such as having their partner service plant a real tree out in the world.

The Wrap-Up

In conclusion, these four apps are some of the best tools available for students looking to improve their time management and organization skills. Whether you need help studying for math, managing your to-do list, organizing your notes, or staying focused, there’s usually an app that can help. Already have a favorite study app? Let us know on social media! 


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