Beat the Summer Slide

It is hot out, the pool is calling, and the last thing on your mind might be your education. As hard as it is to believe, summer will be over in a few short months – back-to-school is coming and fast. 

Want to know something even scarier? 

Students, forget up to 50% of what they learned during the spring semester by the time they start school in the fall.

 Don’t panic just yet. There is still time…before that precious knowledge in your head bakes away in the summer sun.

Beat the slide. Join a free Numerade STEM Summer Bootcamp to watch short video lessons that preserve your knowledge and teach you what you need to know to ace next semester.

Need more tips to beat the slide?

1. What do you want to know?! ?‍♂️

How often does a teacher ask you that? It’s your summer, learn what you want. You know what classes you’ve taken, and you know what classes you are going to take. Do you want to look back and review subjects you could have performed better on, or would you rather be forward-thinking and get a head start on a new subject in your future? The choice is entirely up to you.

2. Take a small-bite out of your day to study. ?

You have approximately 1,900 hours this summer. Committing a handful of minutes every day to review a few short lessons and to do a couple of practice problems could make all the difference for your grades. It doesn’t take long to stay sharp and learn if you can manage to do a little bit of studying once a day. 

3. Make a routine your routine. ?

Whether you have a ton of activities planned or are kicking it poolside for three months, it pays to have a routine. Figuring out where in your routine a quick study session can fit in is the only way to stay disciplined enough to keep learning daily. This is also a great way to make sure you get enough exercise, sleep, fun and all the other vital components of living your best life this summer. 

4. Learn from the best. ?‍?

If you are going to do the right thing and treat yourself to a little study time every day, make sure you are getting a world-class education. Remember this simple formula – a better teacher means learning more in less time. Easier said than done right? With Numerade, you can learn directly from PhDs and College Professors from top universities. All from the comfort of your own home.

5. Learn on the go. ? 

The summertime is about exploring and that means traveling and getting away from your home. Just because you are away from your computer does not mean you are also away from learning. Numerade just launched our iOS app and our website is super mobile-friendly.  Find a short break in the action even when you are on the go to learn.

Ready to put in a little bit of study time every day this summer?
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