Free Numerade Study Tools for Final Exams

Free Final Exam Study Tools

Many of you are headed into your first day of finals (best of luck to you!). We also know that the studying doesn’t stop when finals start, so you should check out some of our free study features! The only requirement to access these features is signing up for a free Numerade account, after that you’re good to go! We have several free features but in today’s post, we’ll focus on ​​Ace and Notes & Exams.

AI Tutor, Ace

If you’ve been around here before you’ll know we’re very proud of our friend, Ace. If you’re new, let us introduce you!

Online free AI based on ChatGPT.

This is Ace, our AI tutor.

Ace runs on the most current edition of ChatGPT but, unlike GPT, Ace has been engineered to provide superior guidance and support for STEM-based questions. Additionally Ace has some custom capabilities that are exclusive to our platform.

Instant Solutions and Explanations

Ace is the 24/7 study partner everyone has always wanted. You never have to worry about the awkwardness of a late-night text to a classmate or asking too many questions again (which btw, there is NO such thing as asking too many questions). Through Ace you can instantly receive a step-by-step solution to your homework problems, receive in-depth explanations, common mistakes, and more. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Access Ace via desktop or through our mobile app.
  2. Submit your question in one of two ways:
    • Type out “How do I solve_____?”
    • Snap a pic of the problem and submit it to the site through Snapsolve or upload.
  3. Simply follow Ace’s prompts or ask your own follow-up questions!

The best part of all is if Ace’s explanation doesn’t make sense, just ask Ace to re-explain the solution! Just make sure you specify that you need it explained in simpler terms (or our favorite: “Explain the last step to me as if I were a 5-year-old”). 

Our AI can instantly answer math homework questions

Ace Image and File Upload

Along with answering questions and explaining homework solutions Ace has a variety of capabilities that will make your life as a student drastically easier. We’ve gone more in-depth about this feature in this blog post so today we’ll explain it briefly.

Users can upload several different types of files and photos to our platform. Ace will then take these files and images and, per your command, create a variety of study materials such as:

  • Study Guides
  • Flashcards
  • Summaries
  • Practice Quizzes

There are several different types of files that Ace can use for this feature including pictures of handwritten notes & homework, lecture slides, textbook pictures, and multiple other file types such as PDFs. 

Whatever help you need, Ace is there for you 24/7 and is a serious game-changer for students studying late or handling anxiety related to classroom participation.  

Notes & Exams

You don’t get far without having some knowledge of what’s ahead of you, and that’s what informed our next feature: Notes & Exams.

We’ve collected 1M+ past exams, tests, quizzes, notes, study guides, homework assignments, and more and sorted them all into our database. Best yet, these materials are all from students who were once in the same courses you’re in now. These materials are a great way to make sure you have everything you need before midterms and finals. 

To get started begin by following this link, locate your school from the list, and find your course! Alternatively, you can also access them from the directory bar and search for your school manually.

The Wrap-Up

We get it, final exams are no one’s idea of a good time but we know you’ve got what it takes to get through with flying colors! We’re just here to help get you to a stress-free winter break a little bit faster. 

Remember, to access these features you have to register for a free Numerade account! Sign up today and enjoy an easier, stress-free semester. 


  • Rob Shield

    Rob Shield is based out of Columbus, Ohio. As Numerade's copywriter, Rob uses their extensive background in education to inform and shape the topics and content posted to the blog for educators, parents, and students alike.