Get Ahead With STEM Summer Bootcamps

This summer, Numerade is offering free summer bootcamps in 18 core STEM subjects, giving students the opportunity to accelerate their learning and get ahead in school during summer break. Each online, video-based course is the equivalent of a full, semester-long class, and students can learn STEM concepts by spending only 20 minutes a day with our short video lessons. It’s the best way to take charge of your learning – and it’s completely free.

In addition to bootcamps in core STEM subjects like calculus, chemistry, economics, computer science and more, we also offer standardized test prep bootcamps for the SAT and ACT exams. The bootcamps are made up of short video lessons created by professors and teachers, so you can learn at your own pace and select videos to focus on the topics that are relevant to you. Unlike other summer classes, educational camps or tutors, our bootcamps are free to use and give you 24/7 access to video lessons, making them perfect for students who want to learn concepts quickly and on their own schedules, rather than committing to long-term camps or classes.

The bootcamps are broken up into topics, and each topic is made up of step-by-step, whiteboard-style video explainers. For example, Numerade’s Calculus 101 bootcamp is broken down into six topics, including “Functions,” “Derivatives” and “Integrals,” and these topics are further divided into 161 tightly focused, short-form video lectures. When you sign up for one of our summer bootcamps, you’ll get free access to the full course. That means you can take the course in order, starting from the first lecture, or hone in on specific areas by watching lectures on the topics you’re interested in.

Our summer bootcamps are the best way to get ahead or catch up in school. But don’t take our word for it. “I took the physics bootcamp before last semester. It felt like I had already taken the class in the fall,” said Martin, a college freshman. “Easiest A of my life!”

Students in our summer bootcamps can also connect with other learners through our bootcamp Discord. To join our summer bootcamp channel, go to our Discord page, click “Join Server,” and scroll down until you find the #summer-bootcamp-enrollees channel in the left-hand nav bar.

Enrollment in our summer bootcamps is open and ongoing, so learn more about all 18 of our bootcamps and follow the links below to sign up and start learning.


In Numerade’s Algebra bootcamp, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of algebra and go deep on linear functions, equations and graphs across 6 topics and 235 lectures. In Algebra 2, students can study 11 topics across 366 lectures on subjects such as polynomials, matrices and determinants, quadratic equations and functions, and trigonometric functions to take their algebra skills to the next level.


In the Biology bootcamp, students can learn about topics such as the basic chemistry of life, metabolism, the cell, cellular respiration and fermentation, photosynthesis, cell signaling, gene expression, the cell cycle and cellular reproduction, mendelian genetics, viruses, and genomics and biotechnology.

Calculus & Precalculus

Numerade offers three full calculus bootcamps – Calculus 1/AB, Calculus 2/BC, and Calculus 3 – giving students the resources they need to learn differentials, derivatives, integrals and many other concepts. In addition, Numerade provides an in-depth Precalculus bootcamp made up of over 330 different lectures.


Numerade offers three chemistry bootcamps for beginning and advanced students alike. In Chemistry 101, students will be introduced to chemistry topics like the periodic table and its properties, molecular bonding, states of matter, and chemical reactions. Chemistry 102 covers thermodynamics, kinetics, nuclear chemistry and much more. Finally, the Organic Chemistry bootcamp provides students with 26 free lectures on core concepts in organic chemistry.

Computer Science

Numerade’s AP CS bootcamp begins with a basic computer science concepts and introduction to Java, then moves into important programming concepts such as arithmetic and logical expressions, conditional statements, loops, one-dimensional and 2D arrays, recursion, strings, and more. The course also covers the basic searching and sorting algorithms, as well as Object Oriented Programming concepts in Java with an introduction to classes, interfaces in Java, and the implementation of inheritance and polymorphism. In addition, the course helps students understand the design environment and how to find errors.


With extensive video lessons on parallel and perpendicular lines, right angles, circles, rigid and non-rigid transformations, relationships within triangles, properties of quadrilaterals, volume, and more, students can master 12 topics and access 101 lectures in Numerade’s Geometry bootcamp.


From basic Newtonian physics to relativity, Numerade’s physics bootcamps cover the breadth of physics concepts across nearly 700 different lectures. Bootcamps include Physics 101: Mechanics, Physics 102: Electricity and Magnetism, and Physics 103, which covers topics such as wave optics, quantum mechanics and nuclear physics.

SAT & ACT Prep

In addition to its STEM bootcamps, Numerade also offers free SAT prep and ACT prep bootcamps for students to prepare for their standardized tests. The SAT bootcamp mainly covers topics in math and English, with lessons from SAT prep experts designed to help students improve their scores. The ACT bootcamp covers the English, math, reading, and science sections of the exam.


Numerade’s Intro to Statistics & AP Statistics bootcamp covers 9 topics across 160 lectures, including data and stats, probability, numerical summaries, linear regression and correlation, normal, binomial, and geometric models, sampling distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing and more.