How to Make 2023 Your Year of STEM Success

It’s a brand new year, which means you have an opportunity to set your sights higher than ever. And if you’re looking to improve your grades in STEM, ace an exam or standardized test, master concepts in the maths and sciences, or get into the STEM program or career of your dreams, you’ve come to the right place. When you start your free trial of Numerade, you get access to the single best online STEM study aid there is. 

Numerade has millions of step-by-step video solutions created by expert educators, as well as a number of other study tools, including online study groups, custom Q&A videos, test prep and quizzes, and full-length video courses. Whether you’re already a stellar STEM student or you’re hoping to catch up in school, Numerade will help you succeed in 2023: Of students who use Numerade, 97% report better grades. Here’s how you can use Numerade to achieve your STEM goals this year.

Set your goals & make a plan

Like anything worth pursuing, STEM success takes planning. Take some time to write down your goals for this year. Do you want to get a 5 on AP Calculus? Ace your Intro to Organic Chemistry course? Get into the med school or graduate program of your dreams? Whatever your goals may be, put them on paper and think about the steps you’ll need to take to achieve them.

Find video solutions to your textbooks

With a monthly or annual Numerade subscription, you will have access to more than 3 million video solutions created by STEM educators, including solutions to thousands of textbooks. If you’re studying STEM, we have video solutions to your textbooks, and studying with video is the best way to learn the material and gain a true understanding of the concepts. To start watching video solutions, just search for your textbooks by title, author or topic, then find the chapter and question you’d like to study.

Ask the experts

If you can’t find an existing solution to your question on Numerade, you can ask our educators your question and receive a custom video solution in as little as 30 minutes. Numerade educators are some of the best STEM teachers in the world, including professors, teachers and PhD students with extensive STEM expertise, so when you ask a question, you’ll be getting the best help possible from a leading educator in their field.

Study online with friends & classmates

With our Study Groups platform, you can create and join private online study rooms with your friends and classmates – a fun, collaborative way to study. Because we study together, not only is it more fun, but it really works. With Study Groups, you can study with friends using videos from Numerade’s library of more than 3 million step-by-step solutions. Study Groups also allow you to collaborate in study rooms with real-time chat, keep the group focused and on-point with an in-room timer, and share your to-do lists with each other. Plus, Study Groups is free to use, and we’re offering free video unlocks to students who create and join their own rooms. If you’re a Numerade subscriber, you can invite your friends to your study room, and they’ll each get 3 free unlocks when they register for Numerade using your invite link. Or, if neither you or your friends are subscribers, you can register for a free Numerade account, create a study room and invite your friends, and both you and your friend will receive 3 free videos when they register. Check out Study Rooms, create a room and invite your friends!

Go above & beyond to master the concepts

If you’d like to go above and beyond in your studies, our in-depth online courses could be a great option. In addition to video solutions matched directly to your textbooks and custom video answers to your questions, Numerade offers 18 full-length, video-based courses in core STEM subjects. Each course is broken up into short, focused video lessons, allowing you to hone in on the areas where you need help and accelerate your STEM learning in as little as 20 minutes per day. Plus, our courses are completely free and available without a Numerade subscription, so check them out here.

Study anywhere, any time

Get the best STEM help possible – right in your pocket. With the Numerade mobile app for iOS and Android, you’ll have over 3 million STEM video solutions available on your phone. Download the app today and get 24/7 study help anywhere, any time.

Ace your exams with proven test prep

Not only can Numerade help you improve your grades in class, but we also have extensive standardized test prep resources, from AP exams to the ACTs and SATs and beyond. Explore our test prep videos and resources here.

With these study tools from Numerade, we guarantee you can achieve your STEM goals in 2023. Learn more and start your free trial of Numerade today!