3 Ways for Students to Use Our AI Tutor in 2024

How to use our AI tutor

Hi everyone! In this blog post, we’ll be exploring some of the best ways to use our AI tutor (Ace) to make your lives easier. Ace is based on the most recent edition of ChatGPT but is far more capable due to being trained on Numerade’s proprietary data. Additionally, we’re constantly updating our AI tutor’s capabilities and features, so it’s a good idea to check in and see what’s new.

Making Study Guides, Flashcards, and More

Ace can take student notes and lecture slides and turn them into study guides

We know you don’t need us to explain how frustrating and tedious creating study materials can be. We know students are busy and creating a study guide or flashcards may be the last thing you want to do. That’s why we’re here to help.

On Numerade students can upload a wide variety of classroom materials to our AI tutor, which can then turn them instantly into study resources. Ace can summarize notes, create study guides and flashcards, and even quiz you on your uploaded documents, here are a few examples of what you can upload to Ace:

  • Lecture slides
  • Photos of handwritten notes, homework, or tests
  • PDFs of assignments
  • Miscellaneous Document files

This will not only save you time but ensure that any study materials you make will cover everything. You never have to worry about specific topics or terms falling through the cracks. 

If you’re someone that likes creating your own study materials we get it and encourage it! You can still use Ace to upload your notes and create multiple choice practice quizzes for study sessions. Whatever your style of study is, we’re sure Ace can help create materials to help you ace your test. 

Create a Study Schedule

Balancing student life takes a lot more effort than many people outside of school want to admit. (Which is weird because weren’t they students once too, in your same situation???)

Knowing how and when to fit in study time around your class schedule, work schedule, and social life can be challenging. Especially so for university students that are living on their own for the first time. This is something our AI tutor can certainly help with.

Create a study schedule with our AI tutor

First begin by simply telling Ace what you need included in your study schedule and follow the given prompts. Ace will then create a study schedule using the provided prompts that will help you balance your time so you can have it all. 

We know, we know, using an AI to create study guide doesn’t seem all that realistic but, stick with us here. Much like any good horror movie, the scariest thing about school will always relate to uncertainty, and just figuring it out. So, by using a study schedule you immediately remove the guess work. You can go through your week without worrying about an upcoming test or when you’ll get homework done, because it’s already decided. Not to be too corny but knowing really is half the battle.

Check Your Work

This one may seem a little self explanatory but once you’re finished with an assignment Ace is definitely a great way to check your work for accuracy. Input your textbook problem (you can even take a picture and upload it on desktop or on the app!) and see what Ace says! It’s a fast and convenient way to check your work, even if the processes taken to get there are different, if the numbers line up, you’re likely good to go. If there’s a difference between the numbers, go through and do the problem again and see how it goes.

The Wrap-Up

Again, you’re busy and we get that. We know that oftentimes the best way to help a student means thinking outside the lesson plan and we hope these suggestions make this term easier. We also know that there are a lot of AI chatbots and AI tutors available but, unlike ChatGPT which costs $20 a month, Ace is 100% free (and is based on ChatGPT and trained on educator data). So head over to Ace and make this your best term yet!


  • Rob Shield

    Rob Shield is based out of Columbus, Ohio. As Numerade's copywriter, Rob uses their extensive background in education to inform and shape the topics and content posted to the blog for educators, parents, and students alike.