Introducing the Numerade Educator App for iPad

Exciting news: We recently launched the Numerade Educator app for iPad, making every step of content creation faster, more intuitive and more convenient for our educators. With this new app, our educators can create and upload video lessons, and even submit videos for payment, all from their Apple tablets. In addition, teachers, grad students and professors can also use the app to sign up and apply to become Numerade educators. By putting the entire process on your iPad, from signup to video submission, the app makes it easier than ever for educators to create high quality STEM content and help students worldwide accelerate their learning.

Making Life Easier for Our Educators

For current Numerade educators, the app streamlines content creation considerably, consolidating what was formerly a multi-device process onto one app. Formerly, educators had to assign questions on the Numerade site in their browser, create video solutions using a separate whiteboard app, then upload the created videos back onto a computer and submit them from their in-browser Numerade dashboard. Now, right from their iPad app, our educators can:

  1. Find and assign themselves questions in their STEM subject of choice.
  2. Create video solutions to those questions using the app’s whiteboard and voice-recording features.
  3. Submit assignments for payment. Assignments consist of at least 20 video solutions.

From start to finish, this new app allows Numerade educators to share their STEM knowledge, help students learn, and get paid for the content they create. 

A One-Stop-Shop for New Educators

In addition to making it easier for our current educators to assign questions, create videos and get paid for sharing their STEM knowledge, the app also allows prospective educators to sign up and complete their Numerade educator application in minutes. As part of the application process, potential educators are asked to create a short video solution to a sample question in their chosen subject. Previously, the signup and application process took place on the desktop through the Numerade website, while the sample video process required a separate device with whiteboard capabilities. With the new app, users can now sign up, complete their application, and assign and answer a sample question entirely on their iPad – from signup to submission, the process only takes minutes.

Lowering the Barrier to STEM Education

By making it faster, easier and more intuitive for educators to apply to Numerade and create video lessons, we are lowering the barrier to entry for top STEM professors, teachers and other subject matter experts to share their knowledge with students around the world. We believe that all students deserve access to high quality STEM education, regardless of their background or economic status. That’s why we’re working to democratize STEM education, and the Numerade Educator app for iPad is another step toward allowing the world’s best educators to reach every student who wants to learn STEM. 

If you’re a current Numerade educator, or a STEM educator who’s interested in helping students learn and succeed, visit the Apple store to download the app.