Now Introducing: Ace, The World’s First (and best!) AI Tutor

Ace AI tutor

Over at Numerade, we’re always working diligently to find new ways to better help our students. With our next advancement in education technology, we’re proud to introduce Ace. You may have seen us talk about Ace before or even had a study guide built for you by Ace. We’ve decided to take Ace’s study help to the next level, and enable our AI tutor to deliver a one-of-a-kind learning experience.

In this blog, we’re going to explore Ace’s all-new features and how they’ll be able to provide a unique, custom learning experience. 

What is Ace? (Also, Who is Ace?)

As we said, Ace has been around Numerade for a little while. As the world’s first AI tutor, Ace provided study plans tailored to student needs and preferences. From the beginning, we’ve always understood that no two students learn alike. Each student needs to have their own personalized learning journey and Ace was designed to support that mission. With the new features we’re rolling out, Ace can take that mission to the next level. 

How Does Ace Work?

Through a new multimedia, fully interactive experience students can now directly ask Ace for support when it comes to solving their STEM problems.

AI tutor gives step-by-step textbook answer

Ace can now instantly provide a detailed and simplified step-by-step breakdown of a submitted problem and its solution with text, audio, and video responses but it doesn’t just end there. Students can take it a step further and ask Ace to provide in-depth explanations for specific steps within a problem. Additionally, Ace can provide examples of common mistakes made at each step and demonstrate the correct action needed. If you still require assistance Ace has your back. On command, Ace will provide you with similar expert-educator-crafted video solutions that are relevant to the problem you’re solving. 

Through rigorous testing, we’ve found that the learning strategies and solutions Ace provides have regularly boosted student confidence and comprehension.

Benefits of Ace

So we’ve talked about what Ace can do, but let’s talk about why our AI tutor is helpful for the student.

Personalized Learning Experience

One of the most significant benefits of Ace is that it provides a personalized learning experience for each student. Our AI tutor adapts to the student’s learning style, pace, and level of knowledge, ensuring that they receive the best possible support and guidance.

Improved Learning Outcomes

Studies have shown that personalized learning experiences lead to improved learning outcomes such as better grades, retention, recall, and overall confidence. Ace’s adaptive learning technology ensures that students receive support that is custom-fit to their brains.

Instant Feedback and Support

Ace’s chatbot provides students with instant feedback and support. This means that students can receive answers to their questions immediately, without having to wait for a teacher or tutor to respond.

Available Anywhere

Through our mobile app, students can access all of Ace’s features and receive expert STEM guidance at any time, from anywhere. 


Ol’ Ace has been a game-changer in the world of education since day one and that’s not changing anytime soon. Through powerful AI technology Ace is able to be a 24/7 study partner, trainer, coach, and companion for any student navigating academia. Interested in learning more? Sign up today and start a free 7-day trial and see what kind of difference Ace can make for you this semester! (Also tell Ace we said hi ♥️).


  • Rob Shield

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