Numerade’s AI Tutor is Here!

The gap between those who can access educational resources is widening.  This is why Numerade has launched our new AI Tutor.  During these uncertain economic times, the majority of parents and students cannot afford live tutoring.  Even lower-cost options like $20/hr for one-on-one or group tutoring is still unaffordable for most families. 

Despite these challenges, parents and students still understand the vital importance of investing in education to be prepared for the future. However investing in the future is not just about getting a few alphabets (BA, BS, MD, MBA, etc) to follow your name. That is why Numerade is not interested in becoming yet another online cheating platform. We are adamant about embracing the process of critical thinking; discovering; and finding the passion and confidence to push through even the most difficult subjects. When the reality is that remote learning is here to stay, it is ever more vital that students are not alone in their struggle to understand and master through the most difficult subjects. 

This is why we created our AI Tutor. Every student should be able to access their own personal tutor. This has been made possible by combining our innovative AI/ML technology with the world’s largest STEM & test prep short form video library created by actual teachers and professors.  

Every student now has access to their own AI Tutor on Numerade

 Numerade’s AI tutor will provide real time personalized study plans comprising of:

  1. Conceptual lesson videos – We are able to understand what specific topics students need further help with and recommend short videos to explain the material.
  2. Step-by-step videos – Practice problems explained and solved by experts to help students fully understand how to practically apply concepts.  
  3. Personalized quizzes – Recommended personalized quizzes that test the specific knowledge students have gained while using Numerade.  

With Numerade’s AI Tutor, you join our community of 4 Million+ students to truly master any STEM and test prep subject and immediately get help from tens of thousands of real experts, teachers, and professors– all at your fingertips. Say NO to the exorbitant and inequitable price gouging of the tutoring industry.  Join the movement now and reach your potential!