Why Join a Numerade STEM Summer Bootcamp?

Every Monday, a new 8-week camp program launches in 15 different course-specific subjects. Now is the time to register and save your spot alongside tens of thousands of fellow students using the summer to get ahead all for FREE.

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Still on the fence? Here are 5 reasons to join…

1. The results can change your life.

This is a quote from a District Official after her granddaughter was accepted to all her choice schools with the help of one of our Summer Bootamps last year:

I just wanted to thank you and your company for this wonderful program. My granddaughter’s first attempt at the SAT was a dismal failure.  She is a bright girl, with excellent grades but a horrible test taker.  I had her do the Summer Bootcamp before her second attempt. Your program helped her bring her score up high enough that her new problem is deciding which of her two dream schools in Florida she will attend.  Thank you all so much for your help this year!

2. Learn from Ivy League-level educators without paying Ivy League prices.

Each Summer Bootcamp is taught by educators who have passed our rigorous selection process that only accepts the top 1% of teachers. Many of the educators you will learn from in our Summer Bootcamps are full-time professors at schools like MIT, Princeton, and Yale.

3. Guaranteed better grades in the exact courses you are taking next semester.

Our Summer Bootcamps are designed to prepare you for the specific courses you’ll be taking next semester. Our educators have crafted a curriculum that we guarantee will lead to better grades for you come the next school year.

Courses offered include:

SAT Prep

Algebra 1
Calculus 101/AP BC
Calculus 103
Physics 102
Chemistry 101/AP
Biology 101/AP

Algebra 2
Calculus 102/ AP BC
Physics 101/ AP
Physics 103
Chemistry 102

4. Learn at your own pace in minutes per day.

Rather than wasting time with extracurricular activities like most camps, ours’ get right to the point. In under 20 minutes a day you can learn what you need to know and master a subject. Each Numerade Summer Bootcamp consists of pre-recorded lessons and does not require a commitment to be online at a specific time. This means you can skip days, jump ahead, or fall behind stress-free. It is up to you when you want to learn.

5. Get certified & unlock doors.

Upon completion of your Numerade Summer Bootcamp, you will receive a certificate signed by Numerade’s CEO. This document serves as proof that you completed a comprehensive 8-week course in a specific subject. This is the ultimate experience to list on a resume, your Linkedin, or anywhere else where showing off your expertise will matter.

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