The Three Things I Wish I Did Before Finals

As a student, few things can cause as much anxiety as preparing for final exams. There is just something so…fInal about them. Here are three pro tips for you to use to relieve stress and get the scores you deserve after working hard all semester.

1. Recap everything

A semester is a long time, and most finals are comprehensive. That means lessons you learned the first week will be just as important as lessons you learned in the last week. The older material is just as key as the new material but is going to be harder to remember. So you need to review it with care!

Make sure you watch and pay extra close attention to the course lesson videos on Numerade and notes you have from those early lessons. They are the foundation of the course and likely the foundation of your final as well.

2. Focus on your weaknesses

The best athletes focus their training not on what they are the best at, but on what they struggle with most. Through repetition, they work until their weaknesses become their strengths. Studying for finals should be no different.

Take an honest look back at the semester and recall the homework questions that gave you the most difficulty. These are the problems you’ll want to review on Numerade, and the exact problems you’ll be happy you learned to answer come test time.

3. Don’t leave anything to chance

The worst issue students have on final exams is that while they are studying, they develop questions that go unanswered. Everyone has their own unique study methods. Whether you like flashcards, quizzes, or just rewatching lessons, they all can work. But how can you study something you never understood in the first place?

Almost inevitably that topic will end up being a big part of the test. To combat this, use Numerade “Ask” questions anytime you get stuck while studying, You will get a lesson video response that will clear up any of your doubts thought by an expert educator. It could even be a teacher from your school who responds! This will answer your study questions and set you up best to ace your tests.


  • Nhon Ma

    Nhon Ma is the CEO and Co-Founder of Numerade, a Los Angeles based EdTech platform that's using AI and short form videos to democratize STEM.