Why Do Millions of Students Rely on Numerade to Improve their Grades?

Over 8-million students use Numerade and word is getting out! 

Stop me if you’ve heard this one already…
“Numerade can improve your grades!”
Ask any of your friends ‘why Numerade,’ and they will tell you:

1. My Textbook Problems Aren’t Problems

We all know teachers use textbook problems to help create their test problems. If you master your textbook there will be no surprises on your exam.

Crack your books open to the hardest problems and then find their solution video on Numerade. Learn how to solve the problem yourself, so when it shows up on the test you’re ready!

2. I’m Learning From a Better Professor Than My IRL One

Unless you’re going to one of top 1% of schools in the country, our educators are better than yours. If you do go to the top 1% of schools, our educators are your educators, so consider this bonus content.

To be the best you’ve got to learn from the best. That is why our lesson videos are master classes taught by experts we’ve vetted extensively. When you learn something on Numerade, you’re receiving a world-class education for practically nothing!

3. I Use My Phone For Everything, Including Studying 

Imagine scrolling on your phone but instead of algorithm-fueled feeds with videos debating if middle hair parts are lame, you saw videos letting you know what is going to be on your midterms? 

Get the Numerade App, and start learning the same way you do everything else, on your phone. Snap a pic of any problem and instantly get the lesson video. It doesn’t get much easier than that!