Win $1000 by Helping your Friends with Homework

Share Numerade Textbook videos between now and October 1st to be entered into our raffle for $1000!!!

This year probably feels like you’re playing school on hard mode. Many of us have traded the school bus for the struggle bus as physical classes have mostly been replaced by distance learning. Zoom sorta sucks and remote lectures mostly fail to replace in-person lessons – not to mention how hard it is to focus on a screen for multiple hours. Not only that, but teachers are scared. They are worried that their lessons are not getting through to students, so to compensate, are assigning more classwork and projects than ever. 

It’s not your fault

COVID is not students’ fault – you’re not the decision-maker. It may not be your fault, but you do have to deal with its consequences, and for many, that means their grades are going to suffer.

How do we overcome to save our GPA’s?

If the game of school is on hard mode the best way to beat it is by playing multiplayer. Even if you’re physically isolated from friends and classmates, that doesn’t mean you can’t still work together to do better on assignments and tests. Bring back study groups virtually, ask other students for help, and be sure to offer assistance when you know a subject well!

“The world has become a darker place, but every time we help others we make it a bit brighter.” – Keanu Reeves…probably

Every homework assignment has a single difficult problem that is a little too extra – the problem everyone in class is complaining about the next day. Next time you’re stuck, find that problem’s exact answer lesson video on Numerade. Then instead of keeping that knowledge only for yourself, share it with your classmates and make their lives a little bit easier. 

We want to help you help your friends in grand style $$

For every student who views a video that you have shared, you’ll get one entry into our raffle to win $1,000! Email the video link to friends, post it on social media and your classes’ chat and bulletin boards, or heck even make it your virtual background on Zoom. Hurry, we will select a winner on October 1st. The more times you share, the better you chance of winning!

How to Enter:

  1. Go to your Numerade account and login
  2. Copy your ‘Referral code’ from your account page
  • 3. Find a video lesson on Numerade for a particularly difficult problem in your class’s textbook
  • 4. Share the link to that video alongside your referral code via email, social media, and wherever else you communicate with classmates.

    For each student who views the video and inputs your referral code, you will receive an additional entry into our $1000 raffle

The winner will be drawn and announced on October 1st, 2020