Introductory Chemistry

Steven S. Zumdahl, Donald J. DeCoste

Chapter 1

Chemistry: An Introduction


Problem 1

Chemistry is an intimidating academic subject for many students. You are not alone if you are afraid of not doing well in this course! Why do you suppose the study of chemistry is so intimidating for many students? What about having to take a chemistry course bothers you? Make a list of your concerns and
bring them to class for discussion with your fellow students and your instructor.

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Problem 2

The first paragraphs in this chapter ask you if you have ever wondered how and why various things in our everyday lives happen the way they do. For your next class meeting, make a list of five similar chemistry-related things for discussion with your instructor and the other students in your class.

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Problem 3

This section presents several ways our day-to-day lives have been enriched by chemistry. List three materials or processes involving chemistry that you feel have contributed to such an enrichment and explain your choices.

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Problem 4

The "Chemistry in Focus" segment titled Dr. Ruth-Cotton Hero discusses the enormous contribution of Dr. Ruth Rogan Benerito to the survival of the cotton fabric industry in the United States. In the discussion, it was mentioned that Dr. Benerito became a chemist when women were not expected to be interested in, or good at, scientific subjects. Has this attitude changed? Among your own friends, approximately how many of your female friends are studying a science? How many plan to pursue a career in science? Discuss.

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