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Biology 2015

Sylvia S. Mader, Michael Windelspecht

Chapter 29

Vertebrate Evolution


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Problem 1

Which of these is not a chordate characteristic?
a. dorsal supporting rod, the notochord
b. dorsal tubular nerve cord
c. pharyngeal pouches
d. postanal tail
e. vertebral column

Zoe K.
Numerade Educator

Problem 2

Adult sea squirts
a. do not have all five chordate characteristics.
b. are also called tunicates.
c. are fishlike in appearance.
d. are the first chordates to be terrestrial.
e. All of these are correct.

Grant C.
Numerade Educator

Problem 3

Label the following diagram of a chordate embryo.

Cameron T.
Numerade Educator

Problem 4

Which of these is not characteristic of all vertebrates?
a. complete digestive system
b. closed circulatory system
c. skin with either scales or feathers
d. endoskeleton made of bone or cartilage
e. vertebral column

Grant C.
Numerade Educator

Problem 5

The first vertebrates to evolve were
a. amphibians. d. reptiles.
b. jawed fishes. e. amniotes.
c. jawless fishes.

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Problem 6

Which is not a characteristic of jawed fishes?
a. endothermy c. skin covered by scales
b. gills d. two-chambered heart

Grant C.
Numerade Educator

Problem 7

Cartilaginous fishes and bony fishes are different in that only
a. bony fishes have paired fins.
b. bony fishes have a keen sense of smell.
c. bony fishes have an operculum.
d. cartilaginous fishes have a complete skeleton.
e. cartilaginous fishes are predaceous.

Rabia B.
Numerade Educator

Problem 8

Bony fishes are divided into which two groups?
a. hagfishes and lampreys
b. sharks and ray-finned fishes
c. ray-finned fishes and lobe-finned fishes
d. jawless fishes and cartilaginous fishes

Grant C.
Numerade Educator

Problem 9

Amphibians evolved from what type of ancestral fish?
a. sea squirts and lancelets d. ray-finned fishes
b. cartilaginous fishes e. lobe-finned fishes
c. jawless fishes

Michael L.
Numerade Educator

Problem 10

Which of these is not a feature of amphibians?
a. dry skin that resists desiccation
b. metamorphosis from a swimming form to a land form
c. small lungs and a supplemental means of gas exchange
d. reproduction in the water
e. a single ventricle

Grant C.
Numerade Educator

Problem 11

Which of the following groups has a three-chambered heart?
a. birds c. mammals
b. reptiles other than birds d. amphibians

Doreen C.
Numerade Educator

Problem 12

a. were dominant during the Mesozoic era.
b. include the birds.
c. lay shelled eggs.
d. are ectotherms, except for birds.
e. All of these are correct.

Grant C.
Numerade Educator

Problem 13

The amniotes include all but the
a. birds. c. reptiles.
b. mammals. d. amphibians.

Anthony A.
Numerade Educator

Problem 14

A major difference between birds and other reptiles is that birds
a. produce a shelled egg. d. care for their young.
b. are ectotherms. e. have air sacs.
c. are tetrapods.

Grant C.
Numerade Educator

Problem 15

Which of these does not produce an amniotic egg? Choose more than one answer if correct.
a. bony fishes d. robin
b. duckbill platypus e. frog
c. snake

Morgan H.
Numerade Educator

Problem 16

The first mammals to evolve were
a. aquatic. d. placental.
b. marsupials. e. primates.
c. monotremes.

Grant C.
Numerade Educator

Problem 17

Which of these is a true statement?
a. In all mammals, offspring develop completely within the female.
b. All mammals have hair and mammary glands.
c. All mammals have one birth at a time.
d. All mammals are land-dwelling forms.
e. All of these are true.

Kelsey V.
Numerade Educator